Affordable Solutions For The Care Of Your Senior Family Members

Panic alarm systems give freedom and independence to senior citizens who may not otherwise be able to live in their own homes as independently. They also bring peace of mind to the family members. They are affordable options for elderly loved ones and their families.

Panic alarm systems are fantastic devices to have for many reasons. First, they are an emergency alert system for the wearer. A senior person could have an emergency at any time; whether it be that they fall, have a kitchen accident, or feel like they may be having a heart attack. The panic alarm system is a simple button that is pushed and a call is made to the assigned phone number. Second, they bring peace of mind to loved ones who are not able to be with their senior relative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As long as that button isn’t pushed they know that their loved one is safe. Third, they are a compromise to moving into an assisted living facility. Having a panic alarm system is the senior’s assistance that allows them to remain in the family home for much longer than they would without it.

Alarm systems for seniors are affordable solutions for those adults who want to stay in their home. Choose from alarms that are a one-time purchase or require a monthly subscription fee. The one time purchase button call up to three designated phone numbers that are preprogrammed into the system. The monthly subscription comes with a monitored response centre that is available all hours of the day and night. Either way, the system is an affordable option for elderly family members who live alone.

There are many reasons to purchase a panic alarm system for a senior citizen living alone. They are perfect for seniors who get along fine most of the time but the family has concerns. They present a compromise to assisted living facilities. They are water resistant so can be used in the shower, easy to install and use, and budget friendly. Most of all, they are a comfort to everyone who is concerned about their elderly loved one living alone; including the wearer themselves. The senior will have more confidence to maintain their daily routine when they are wearing an easy-to-reach panic button.

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