Alert Alarms

The most common reason behind hospitalisations and major injuries for people above the age of 65 is falling down.
Falls can result in severe injuries to seniors since muscles and bones weaken with age. A bad fall can result in not only hip replacements but also death in some cases.

What is an Alert Alarm?

An alert alarm is a 24/7 emergency response system for the elderly. It makes sure the senior can live on their own safely and maintain their independence. A lot of alert alarm providers provide both mobile medical alerts and home systems to ensure that the user is safe at all time no matter where they are. The trained professionals ensure that the elderly get the appropriate help during an emergency.

How does it work?

Each alert alarms come with a button which can be either worn around the neck as a pendant or around the wrist as a watch. This ensures that help is just a button away and the elderly are helped as soon as possible. The best alert alarm systems these days have an immediate response from a 24/7 response centre since the most crucial factor of any emergency is the timing. Pressing the button gets the wearer in touch with a trained responder in a matter of moments. The operator would assess your particular emergency situation and address it accordingly by either contacting a relative or the emergency services. A lot of alert alarm pendants also come with fall detection sensors. They can detect a fall and automatically get the senior in touch with an operator which means help can be arranged even if they pass out and cannot respond.

Alert alarms are not only reliable but also an affordable service for the elderly who want to enjoy their independence but also feel safe at all times.

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