Always worried about a loved one’s safety?

Do you have a medical problem but don't want to be the cause of disruption in your family member’s lives since they can not leave you alone?
Whatever the situation is, now you, your family members and your loved ones can live a carefree and independent lifestyle with the SureSafe range of telecare devices, which includes pendant alarms for the elderly, fall detection devices and alarms that work both at home, and away from it.

So, what are telecare devices?

To enable and promote the security, safety, independence of those who need immediate medical attention and peace of the mind of their family members, SureSafe developed telecare devices that provide continuous, automatic and remote monitoring to provide support and assistance to those in need of urgent medical help.

SureSafe range of telecare devices includes:

SureSafe 24/7 monitored alarm devices are easy to install and use. With a huge range of  coverage of up to 100m, this is a waterproof device that can be worn as a pendant, wristband or belt clip, per wearer’s convenience.

This is a technically robust device that can be worn as a wristband or a pendant, and the wearer and their family can rest assured that they have a device that can detect heavy falls as well as a button to press. This device is especially beneficial for people with severe medical conditions that cause unconsciousness e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

Embedding smart technology in a traditional personal alarm to enhance the wearer’s protection by immediately raising an alert upon detecting a fall. This alarm measures changes in air pressure and speed of movement to detect a fall. It also helps in preventing false alarms, where the wearer, if the alarm has detected as fall mistakenly, can press the button to deactivate it.

This 24/7 monitored device based on mobile phone technology has an inbuilt GPS Tracker, is water-resistant and provides two way SOS Communication. The 7-day standby battery life and easy set-up make this device a perfect medical alert alarm system for the elderly.

Why should one choose SureSafe alarm devices?

The people of the United Kingdom have acclaimed SureSafe’s range of personal alarms, pendant alarms and mobile GPS Tracker alarms. With the objective to help people live a safe and independent life, SureSafe provides a wide range of telecare and careline devices. The SureSafe Personal Alarms and SureSafe 24/7 Connect Alarms are preferred by a massive number of Britons for their dynamic monitoring services at affordable monthly payments. Unlike any other personal alarm in the United Kingdom, SureSafe offers ‘Go Anywhere’ mobile products, no landline products, devices with fall detection technology without any minimum contract, ZERO set up fee and significant low monthly charges. We are the UK’s leading telecare and personal alarm service provider for the elderly.

Want your family members and loved ones to live a safe and unconstrained healthy life, purchase from  SureSafe’s range of personal alarms and telecare devices today.

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