Benefits of Wearing a Quick Response Medical Alarm

The reasons any aging person should wear a quick response medical alarm are numerous, especially if they still live on their own and function without round the clock care that may eventually be needed as their health declines. They might be living in their golden years, but that doesn’t mean an accident can’t or won’t happen. No matter how independent, the elderly still have more challenges as their body ages and no longer functions as it should. Getting out of the car is more difficult, turning the keys to get into their home poses more of a struggle and lifting a gallon of milk and pouring it into a bowl of fiber-rich cereal might prove too difficult, suddenly and without warning.

While some situations are health-based and life threatening, others might be situations that cause emotional trauma. Disorientation and confusion can suddenly strike. Perhaps your loved one has received an unexpected medical diagnosis and needs help understanding her plan of treatment or even the medication dosage they are supposed to take?

Don’t Get Caught in a Serious Situation

It’s not only medical emergencies that might cause the elderly to reach out to their emergency contacts. Some elderly individuals enlist the help of what should be trusted caregivers, only to be faced with emotional and physical abuse while under their care. Maybe they are belittled for not being able to swallow a pill or perhaps their bed linens have not been changed in weeks? Your loved ones deserve better and need to function as respected adults. While they may not want to seek help during these situations, an emergency alert system for the elderly can provide them with the help they need when they need it most.

A personal alarm ensures they can reach out to their stored phone number contacts at the press of a button through a device that connects through their landline telephone. This means no dialing numbers, no remembering area codes and no reaching for eye glasses when an urgent situation occurs. A quick response medical alarm gets them in touch with their trusted circle of caregivers, wherever they are, with just the touch of the button.

Reclaim your freedom and ensure you have a fast response to your medical concerns or dire situations. Get an emergency alert system for the elderly today!

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