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elderly technology
Care elderly parents

Caring For Elderly Parents: The Ultimate Guide

Most elderly people live at home and many rely on some level of care from relatives to maintain their independence.  If you are a daughter of son, wondering about caring for elderly parents, this guide shows you how to be a carer; shows you what you need to consider to provide a high standard of elderly support.
10 mins read time
money-saving tips

Best money-saving tips for 2021

We’re here to give you the best money-saving tips this year. After a tough year, it’s safe to say that we are looking forward a new year, but with many of us facing furlough or job loss, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a quick guide on how to save your money and be extra frugal!
6 mins read time
elderly technology

Best types of technology for elderly

With 2020 being the most unprecedented year, we need to make sure we are keeping our loved ones safe more than ever with the help of technology for elderly.
10 mins read time
Woman and granddaughter

Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Currently, the elderly population accounts for around 9.8% of the overall world population.
7 mins read time

Alarm Technology- Telecare at its best

Alarm Technology has improved the standard and has equipped our lives with comforts and luxuries. Its reach has improved connectivity among people around the globe.
4 mins read time

Careline Alarms

One of our main concerns every day is our family member’s safety. It is even more concerning when we worry about our aging parents or grandparents - who looked after us when we were children.
5 mins read time
Elderly patient and caregiver

Home Fall Detection for the Elderly

A major threat that the elderly who live alone face is falling down. Falling down can be scary for anyone, however, as people age, it can be more dangerous.
3 mins read time

Alarms for Elderly

As people age, they are likely to have more health complications.
4 mins read time
dementia care

Independent Living for Seniors

Independence is a way of living that everyone strives for from the time that they understand what the word means but as you get older this can be endangered by a combination of poor health and living alone.
7 mins read time

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