Why Choose a Panic Alarm System

Don’t go into a state of panic! A personal panic alarm system is a practical and useful device suited to elderly people who may require urgent emergency care. If your health and safety are important to you, you might consider the many benefits of wearing an alarm device.

What Is a Personal Panic Alarm?

You’ve likely heard stories about the lady who had fallen and couldn’t get up. If she had been wearing a panic alarm system, she would have been able to alert close friends and family during her urgent situation. Elderly people often need round-the-clock care. Even when caregivers are present, they might occupy a different room and be unaware their loved one dropped his eye glasses and can’t bend over to pick them up.

A personal panic alarm is a device that can be worn as a pendant, a wristband or as its own free standing controller. At the touch of a button, help is on the way because your emergency contact device calls several numbers that have been previously stored in the panic alarm system.

Who Should Own an Elderly Pendant?

Some elderly individuals are quite independent and that’s okay. Whether they are single or married, it’s always nice to have that extra bit of security as you age. Family members who are concerned about their otherwise healthy and vibrant aging parent often make the recommendation they start wearing a personal panic alarm.

In many cases, medical conditions might also be the reason for wearing panic devices. Asthma, diabetes and heart problems can have a rapid onset without any prior warning. So long as you’re wearing a panic alarm, you can call for help without having to lift a finger.

A personal panic alarm is also useful for elderly people who become disoriented. Simple day-to-day tasks become more difficult as your body ages. Small tasks, such as contacting physicians to make a follow-up appointment, can be burdensome, especially when the elderly can’t find their doctor’s phone number. Having an emergency lifeline of contacts means they can reach out without always contacting an emergency response team to get the help they need for non-emergency situations quickly. These devices are invaluable in providing the assistance aging relatives need to stay independent, yet safe.

If you’re considering a personal panic alarm, contact us to find out more.