Sure safe alarms are an affordable way for the elderly to stay in their homes longer than they normally would. They are more than a simple button. Sure safe buttons bring peace of mind to the family when there is no one available to visit. If you have an elderly loved one who is not ready to leave their home, then consider Sure Safe.

Sure Safe alarms are affordable and easy to install. There isn’t any complicated technology that could be intimidating to an elderly person. Simply plug the unit in, program the numbers in, and then put the lanyard on.

It’s that simple. Not only is the unit easy to install, it is also easy to press. If, for example, the wearer needs help because of a fall, they simply press the button and the call is made. They don’t have to remember any phone numbers, names, or special instructions. The person on the other end of that phone call will know what to do based on the emergency. With Sure Safe alarms, the elderly person and their family has peace of mind knowing that no one is going to be left lying on the floor for hours hoping that someone comes to visit.

With Sure Safe the family has the option of purchasing a device that has a call center available 24 hours a day seven days a week. This option comes with an affordable monthly subscription fee. It is a great choice for families who don’t live near each other, aren’t available at all hours, or for the elderly person who is active at all hours.

With so many options the family must come together and choose as a family unit. The elderly loved one must be comfortable wearing the button and confident that if something were to happen they would push the button. SureSafe has created a great way for the senior citizen to stay in their home longer than they would have in the past. The family who chooses Sure Safe is wise and confident.

They have brought peace of mind to the entire family and created a safe environment for their elderly loved one to live in.