Diverse Range Of Personal Alarms For Your Loved One’s Well Being

In this hustle-bustle of our busy lives, not that we don’t want to, but we are often unable to spare enough time to care for our parents or elderly loved ones.
We try to make sure they are healthy, have all the medical checkups that they need. However, with their increasing age, there is a higher risk of unforeseen medical emergencies e.g. a fall or a heart attack. You may never know when your parents or elderly loved ones might require medical help.

To help you leave home for work with a peace of mind, technology enabled care providers (TECS)  like SureSafe have come up with a diverse range of personal alarms. Personal alarms for the elderly are telephone-based alarm systems that in the event of an accident will immediately call either SureSafe’s 24/7 Response Centre or the nominated contacts programmed into the alarm. They can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. They make use of wireless technology, wherein the wearer presses the button, and the response unit immediately reacts to it by alerting family members or SureSafe’s 24/7 Response Centre.

This alarm system is good for people who can’t always be there with their aging parents/grandparents. These alarms system will also be beneficial to the caregivers taking care of the elderly who might not be in proximity at the time of emergency e.g. they live far away, or if the wearer is out for a stroll and has a fall or suddenly feels unwell. It also gives the alarm user a sense of confidence, which makes them more active.

  • There are some alarm systems with GPS tracking feature that will help you locate the position of your loved ones, in case they forget the route and are lost.  It also gives you their location if they push their SOS button and call for help.. You will know exactly where to go to help them.
  • A personal alarm can also have inbuilt fall detection technology for when you are unable to push or press a button. Some devices; be it worn as a pendant or a wristband, can sense when the person has fallen It then immediately raises an alert and calls the nominated contact or SureSafe directly.
  • Some devices are monitored 24/7. Here, the wearer of the alarmcan reach out at any hour for medical assistance. SureSafe 24/7 Connect Monitoring service has a team of trained representatives that will help in getting an ambulance, or calling family and friends, depending on the circumstances.
  • A key safe is an additional option for a proficient personal alarm service. Here, a secure, and police approved, lock box is attached to the outside of your house. This box contains the keys to your house and can only accessed if you know the key safe combination. This product allows the emergency services to quickly access your home, and prevents unwanted damage to your front door.

Depending upon the medical requirement of your loved ones, you can select one of these personal alarm systems to make sure that they are safe and secure when they are at home alone. You can find these and many other alarm systems for your loved ones at SureSafe that will help keep your aging relatives safe and independent in their own homes with their 24/7 connect personal alarm service. They will have the confidence to  to live life independently knowing that help is only a button-press away.

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