Emergency Access Without Monthly Fees

It can be difficult to find a good balance between safety, peace of mind and independence when it comes to caring for those special people in your life who are in their retirement years. Elderly Britons understandably want to keep living on their own despite an increased risk of an accident or poor health. At the same time, family and friends don’t want to spend their time worrying about their safety.

There are options to consider that can satisfy both sides without breaking the bank and are simple to use. One of the factors that you need to consider is that the system you choose needs to be easy to use for the individual in an emergency situation. Often during a crisis people panic and even the act of getting to a phone or dialing 999 can be too much, or worse, not possible due to the injury or illness. This is why any option you choose should be simple, straightforward and quick.

The UK market offer a variety of personal alarms that can be worn as pendants around the neck or around the wrist similar to a watch. The beauty of these products is that they have a single button that can be pushed which triggers the system to automatically dial for help, dialing up to 5 telephone numbers of family and friends. If it doesn’t reach the first person then it will go to the next number until it reaches someone that can speak to the user and arrange help. Since the majority of seniors live on a fixed income, cost becomes an important factor which is why some people choose a family & friends alarm over a system linked to a response centre.

Personal alarms in the UK can be ordered online through a leading distributor and you can have the equipment delivered directly to your home, often with no need for an engineer to help install it. A circle of family and friends is a great thing to have as a support system and works perfectly with this type of system while not having recurring fees. Parent and children can have peace of mind and independent living as well as access immediate help in the event of an emergency. Check out the range of options through the online website and select those that work best for you and your family!