Emergency Alert System with Call Button for Elderly

For decades now the various councils and local authorities have provided a ‘care line’ type emergency alert system for the elderly. The emergency alert button intended to support independent living and allow people to live in their own homes longer.

These solutions for elderly work by having an alarm unit installed into the users home that are linked to a council run call centre. When the user has an emergency they simply press the button on their alarm pendant and this triggers a call being made from the alarm unit to the call centre. Once the call is answered then the operator arranges for the appropriate level of response. This is usually either calling the emergency services or informing the user’s next-of-kin.

In the past these services were often fully funded by the councils, where the user had a need for help to stay living at home but could not afford the service themselves. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of councils that are charging a monthly fee and often an installation charge for the emergency call button.

Given the current state of the economy, and the continuing national and local government austerity measures, two issues are present (or on the horizon) in the council run emergency alert system for elderly:

  1. As local and national government funding reduces (and may continue to reduce in future) then the council’s ability to continue funding emergency alert system for elderly will also reduce. This means that either the councils will no longer be able to provide the alert button installation service, or if they do then the cost to the end user (the contribution) will be much higher
  2. Elderly Britons are under significant financial pressure, with the cost of living increasing and them living on a fixed monthly income. Elderly Britons may no longer be able to afford the increasing monthly fees charged by the local authorities

What is the alternative to Council run Emergency Alert System for Elderly?

Increasing in popularity, for reasons of both cost and function, are non-monitored personal alarms. These types of alert alarms require only one affordable payment and have no monthly fees or contracts. Non-monitored Emergency Alert System for Elderly work by having the numbers of up to five family or friends programmed in to the base unit. The user wears a pendant alarm button that they press in the event of an emergency which in turn triggers the alarm base unit to dial the numbers programmed in. Calls are made to the friends and family, who can give the necessary assistance to their loved ones.

The SureSafe Personal Alarm is one such non-monitored Emergency Alert System for Elderly. This is a very popular personal alarm that has sold thousands and thousands all around the world. A non-monitored alert button is a viable alternative to the council run care lines and offers affordable peace of mind for all.

For those who prefer to have a 24/7 monitoring centre based system, SureSafe 24/7 Connect from SureSafe Alarms offers the best in monitored personal alarm services on the market. SureSafe 24/7 Connect offers better quality service and products than council run schemes and is no more expensive. Contact us to learn more about how ‘You’re never alone with SureSafe’.

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