The aging process is inevitable and its consequences make it harder for our elderly loved ones to live independently. Aging in their own homes is the preferred choice of the elderly Britons. The primary concern is – what can family members do to ensure the safety of their elderly loved ones?

Technology has definitely helped. Telecare Equipment like Panic Alarm System, Fall Detection Alarms, etc. are a result of the combination of medical science and technology. Before explaining how these safety alarms can ensure the well-being of our elderly loved ones, here is a brief summary of the kinds of Telecare Equipment Available.

Available Options of Telecare Equipment in 2018

  • Fall Detection Alarms

Fall Detection Alarms come with inbuilt sensors that are designed to auto-detect a fall and simultaneously call for help. Falls are one of the top reasons for death among the elderly and these safety alarms can be very effective in ensuring the well-being of senior citizens.

  • Talking Pendant Alarms

A reassuring voice of a loved one can be very helpful during times of need. Talking Pendant Alarms allow the wearer to directly talk to the responder. This helps senior citizens to establish a two-way communication with their loved ones ensuring immediate help and thus, peace of mind.

  • Mobile GPS Tracker Alarms

Mobile GPS Tracker Alarms can help you to locate the exact position of an elderly loved one, at any given point in time. This ensures the independence of senior citizens not just at home, but also, away from it.

These are just a few among many available safety alarms. SureSafe is one of the top providers of Telecare Equipment in the UK and offers the most comprehensive Personal Alarms for the Elderly. Call us at 0800 112 3201 or fill out this form to reach out to us immediately.

Why are the Personal Alarms For The Elderly important?

Senior Citizens are most vulnerable to accidents because of reduced mobility and other impairments such as weaker vision.

Personal Alarms for the Elderly like Panic Alarm System, SureSafeGO Anywhere Alarms, etc. are a lifesaver for elderly loved ones. These safety alarms are a great help for people with serious medical conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, and Seizures. Studies have shown that major falls or seizures can turn fatal because of lack of immediate clinical help. Telecare Equipment like Personal Alarms for the Elderly can be used to ensure immediate medical attention for the senior citizens.

The importance of these safety alarms is not just limited to the elderly. They also provide a great peace of mind to the family members of the wearer. Having an elderly loved can be quite worrying for the family members and can affect their professional as well as personal life. These safety alarms allow the family members to remain focused on their lives without living in a constant fear or worry about the well-being of their elderly loved ones.

SureSafe is one of the top providers of Telecare Equipment in the UK. We provide all kinds of Personal Alarms for the Elderly such as SureSafe 24/7 Connect Alarms, Talking Pendant Alarms, Fall Detection Alarms, Mobil GPS Tracker Alarms, etc. Call us at 0800 112 3201 or fill out this form to contact us right away and bring home the most easy-to-use safety alarms.