Epilepsy Alarm

For those who spend time at home by themselves, epilepsy seizures can be a real concern. With many potential ways to sustain an injury during an epileptic grand mal seizure, it’s important to ensure that you have an epilepsy alarm to hand that can alert medical professionals or friends and family.

What is an Epilepsy Alarm?

An epilepsy alarm is usually one of two different types of device; an epilepsy fall alarm or a bed sensor. A key piece of simple technology like this can help to prevent serious injury by allowing medical professionals and other people to assess both the situation and the person who has had the seizure as soon as possible.

The epilepsy alarm is a wearable sensor that usually takes the form of a pendant or belt clip device. There are so many different types available, all with slightly different styles, features and added benefits to both the wearers and their loved ones.

How Does it Work?

An epilepsy fall alarm works by automatically sensing when a person has fallen. The wearable sensor, unlike other alarms, doesn’t need to be consciously activated by the wearer. Instead, the sensors within the alarm measure factors such as air pressure and air speed to detect a fall, send a signal to the base unit and, ultimately, send for help.

The technology within a fall alarm is relatively simple. Simple yet elegant, effective and lifesaving. By sensing changes in the air pressure and speed that would correspond to a fall and then signalling for help automatically, an epilepsy alarm is vital for those who suffer with the affliction.


How Can an Epilepsy Alarm Help You or Your Loved Ones?

Ensuring the safety of those you care about with an epilepsy alarm gives you the peace of mind that any injury sustained from seizure will be detected and dealt with immediately. You won’t have to worry about them hurting themselves and not being able to get up again, and neither will they. Your loved ones will have sensor-based protection that means they don’t have to react or do anything; the alarm simply senses a fall and alerts the appropriate people.

Keeping you or a loved one safe is the main purpose of an epilepsy alarm. Taking precautions to prevent or lessen injury caused by a seizure may not always be enough, and sufferers, especially those who are elderly, get an added layer of security for their long-term and ongoing safety.

Epilepsy Alarm Features

There are several different types of epilepsy alarms available, with the most popular, and probably the most beneficial to epilepsy sufferers, being the fall detection alarm. Our SureSafeGO 24/7 fall detection alarm is the best solution for all your epilepsy alarm needs. Key features include:

  • Protection anywhere, including in the home and away from it
  • Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • GPS Tracking so the wearer can be easily located
  • Automatic signalling when a fall is detected