One of the most significant threats faced by elderly people is falling. We are all scared to fall, but once we reach a certain age, falling down affects us far more than it did when we were young. So, it is important to take care of yourself and watch your step. But, God forbid, if you do fall you would certainly want to get medical assistance immediately. Fall alarm for elderly people are devices designed for such situations to ensure that help is on its way as soon as possible.

Fall detecting alarms
Did you know that there are alarms which, like a guardian angel, continuously look over you? With inbuilt movement sensors and detectors, these fall alarms are empowered with fall detection technology. Once the alarms detect a fall, they auto-activate and alert the response centre. In contrast with conventional alarms, that require the button to be presses, these alarms can call for help even when the person has lost consciousness.

For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, there’s a special kind of alarm known as wander alarm. Just like tracking devices for people, these wander alarms are akin to a GPS tracker for elderly people. They track the movements using GPS sensors alerting the response centre, family members or carers, of where the person is. So, if someone wanders out of their home the alarm can immediately send an alert.

It’s good to have a guardian angel looking over you and your loved ones. As the famous quote says ‘prevention is better than cure’, it’s better to take preemptive measures than to wait for a disaster to occur. Make use of modern gadgets such as fall alarms to keep care of yourself, your parents or your grandparents in cost-effective and reliable manner.