Technology has played an extensive role in the enhancement of each sector. The Health Industry has majorly benefitted from the advancements of technology. In today’s technological assisted era, we have many kinds of healthcare equipment providing treatment, making the whole healing process, easier and quicker. One such type of equipment is Telecare Equipment.

Telecare has improved a lot with the incorporation of technology in the health industry. The importance of personal safety alarms has increased a lot over the years and all for the right reasons. According to this report published by ONS, the population of  UK was reported 65 million in 2016 and among this, 18% of people were from the age group of 65+ years. This large percentage of the population being elderly is exactly why every household needs the assistance of highly functional personal safety alarms for the elderly.

There are many ways in which personal safety alarms can help your elderly loved ones. Listed below are a few of them.

  • Serious Medical Conditions – Epilepsy, Dementia

There are many types of personal safety alarms that are recommended by medical professionals for the victims of serious medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Dementia, Seizure, etc. According to a report published by the Alzheimer’s Society, there are over 850,000 victims living with different stages of dementia in the UK. Fall Detection Alarms by SureSafe have highly-functional inbuilt sensors that can detect fall and call for assistance as well as notify the loved ones of the wearer.

  • Ensures Independent Living

Personal Safety Alarms For The Elderly such as Mobile GPS Tracker Alarms by SureSafe encourage independent living among the elderly. Mobile GPS Tracker Alarms come with highly advanced GPS technology that allows the family members and loved ones of the wearer to locate him/her in the times of emergency. This enables the wearer to move around safely both in and out of their home.

  • Peace Of Mind

The presence of an elderly loved one is a huge responsibility and in such a scenario, personal safety alarms for the elderly offer peace of mind – both to the elderly and their loved ones. Personal Safety Alarms by SureSafe like Suresafe 24/7 Connect, Talking Pendant Alarms, and many more, provide peace of mind with their easy-to-use interface, high sensitivity, and quick response.

Personal Safety Alarms For The Elderly can help you and your elderly loved ones in many such ways. To ensure smooth functioning and good experience of personal safety alarms, it is important to choose the right provider with good ratings and great reviews.

SureSafe is one of the top providers of personal alarms for the elderly in the UK. We offer all kinds of telecare equipment from mobile tracker GPS alarms, fall detection alarms to talking pendant alarms and what not! Call at 0800 112 3201 or fill in this form to contact us. Bring home one of the top-rated personal safety alarms and extend 24/7 support for your elderly loved ones right now!