Home Alone and Safe

Personal alarm system for the elderly is a great safety measure that allows loved ones to stay in their home a lot longer than ever before. Many elderly people are resistant to leaving the family home and moving into assisted living. With personal alarms, there isn’t a need to move the loved one out just yet. You can have comfort knowing that your loved one will get the help they need with only the press of a button.

Personal alarms come in many different formats and there will be one that works best for your family. Personal alarm buttons can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. Most of them are not expensive. In fact, with some you can make a one-time purchase of a personal alarm without having to pay monthly subscription prices. With those personal alarms, you have the opportunity to program your own phone number in so that when your loved one pushes a button, they will immediately be calling you or another family member. However, if you’re looking for 24 hour a day monitoring, for the ultimate peace of mind, then those are available too.

If you choose a personal alarm with 24 hour monitoring, you can expect a low monthly fee. The service is a welcome convenience for those who want their loved one to remain at home in a safe environment at any time of the day or night. The system is easy to set up and you won’t have any trouble teaching your loved one how to operate it. With a personal alarm system that has 24 hour monitoring, you can sleep well each night knowing that if your loved one gets up for a glass of milk and they fall, they can push a button and emergency services will be right there.

Whichever monitor you choose, your loved one will be happy knowing that they can stay at home. Even if the power goes out, personal alarm systems have battery backups. The entire family will have peace of mind knowing that mum, or dad, or grandmother is safe and happy. Before getting a personal alarm for your loved one, comparing a SureSafe alarm with the Age UK personal alarms and Saga is a good thing to do. Allowing your loved one to remain at home alone is easier, now that you have found the perfect personal alarm system.

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