Importance of alarm pendants for seniors

Alarm pendants are an amazing safety device that allow an elderly person to have the independence of living alone. They are simple devices that automatically calls for help. With many elderly people living longer and wanting to remain alone in their home, an alarm button just makes sense.

There are a few different alarm buttons to choose from. The family and their loved ones will have to decide which alarm pendant is suitable for their lifestyle. Choose from a pendant that is linked to a 24/7 call center. When this button is pushed the alert automatically calls and the person answering immediately calls the appropriate emergency services, or contacts family and friends, depending on the circumstances. The second alarm pendent, when pressed, automatically dials the first number that has been pre-programmed. That person would be able to call the emergency services or personally come to the aid of their loved one. Alarm pendant works perfectly for the help of elderly.

When a senior citizen is living alone at home they may not want to burden family members with looking in on them at all hours of the day. When they have a personal alarm they get their freedom and independence back. The family members get peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe. Everyone is happier and the senior gets to stay in their home, safer and for longer.

Anything can happen when a senior is living at home alone. They could fall or have a kitchen accident. Fear of falling might keep them from getting up and moving around. Fear of cutting themselves or catching something on fire might prevent them from cooking. When the family invests in an alarm pendant, these fears fade because the senior has a renewed sense of security. They know that if they get into trouble all they have to do is press the button and help is on the way. The decision to purchase an alarm pendant is a wise one. The entire family will be relieved that their senior loved one is safe at home. The senior will be happy to have the freedom to get up, walk, cook, clean, or even walk outside in the yard to get a little bit of sunshine and fresh air.