Interested in Personal Safety Alarms?

Immediate Emergency Access

It is critical to invest in our personal alarm systems for the elderly & seniors. One of the many benefits of having our personal alarm systems is you receive immediate emergency aid and access. You can wear our devices around your wrist or neck, or conveniently on a belt clip. When you need emergency assistance, simply press the alarm pendant button to reach an operator. This information will be relayed to the appropriate paramedics, loved ones, or authorities.


Every elderly person desires to maintain independence. Most people avoid nursing homes because they prefer to live on to their own terms, as they have their whole lives. One of the reasons people love our products is because they allow the elderly to be independent and to live on their own. You’re never alone with SureSafe.

Less Stress on Loved Ones

Another quality benefit of using our product is that it mitigates stress for your relatives. Many people feel obligated to care for their elderly loved ones around the clock. They fear that if they do not supervise them, their elderly relative will fall ill or suffer a traumatic injury of some sort. However, with the personal alarms we sell, they can feel secure knowing that you are in good hands. They’re never alone with SureSafe.

Less Expensive

Our personal safety alarms are far more cost-effective than other alternatives on the market. Quite often, certain options such as nursing care can amount to thousands, basically emptying yours and your loved ones bank accounts. Whereas, our SafeSure personal alarm system is an inexpensive means of achieving safety and independence.

The Value Goes Beyond the Cost

Our products are priceless to say the least. They are worth the investment and associated fees – what price do you place on you or your loved ones safety and well being? Furthermore, our products can better your life and offer you life-saving help during life dangerous situations.

How Does it Work?

Our personal alarms are actually quite simple. Essentially, you wear a waterproof pendant that you can wear around your wrist or your neck. Whenever you are experiencing some type of emergency, you simply press the help button on the pendant. Once that signal is relayed to the base unit you will be connected with your relatives or the SureSafe 24/7 Connect team (depending on your product).

Choose your personal elderly alarm wisely, remember, you’re never alone with SureSafe.

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