With the temperature stooping to the lowest in the cities of United Kingdom, it is natural to be concerned about your aging parents’ safety when you are not with them. But being worried is not going to resolve the issue of your parents and grandparents safety.

Did you know that the probability of fall increases significantly in winter?

As the temperature drops, the senior citizens are more prone to health complications such as hypothermia, high fever, etc.

Keeping this in mind, today we are going to talk through some tips that can help ensure your elderly family members stay safe in this cold weather:


It is understandable that you can not always stay at home with your elderly family members, but you sure can make sure that they are safe and secure at all times while you are in the office. Install an indoor video camera to monitor your loved one’s movements.  Connect it to your smartphone or laptop to assure that they are safe at all times. You can also purchase a home security alarm system or Suresafe ultimate home protection “ Suresafe ISOS Elderly Alarm – Ultimate Safety Combo.”This complete safety kit includes two pendant alarms, four emergency wall buttons, a fire alarm detector and a speaker for two way communication. This SureSafe set is all you need to make sure your family members and loved ones are safe and sound inside the home.


Make sure that you and your family members from elderly to kids are adequately dressed in layers. Low temperature can easily lead to fever and hypothermia. Wear caps, gloves, socks all the time except sleeping.


Power outages are more frequent in winters, which can lead to fall and severe injuries. It is always recommended to keep rechargeable lights and battery powered radios for an emergency. Keep food in stock, and save yourself and your elderly family members covered.


Wearable medical devices such as a SureSafe personal alarm for the elderly. These discrete yet stylish devices can be worn as pendant or necklace, thereby not making your elderly family members conscious of wearing something apparent. If the person is feeling unwell, they can press the button which will alert the representative in the SureSafe center who will immediately get the details when help is required, and they will accordingly send an ambulance or inform nominated contacts. SureSafe’s devices are made to help our elderly loved ones live an independent and healthy life.

SureSafe is a leading provider of telecare and personal alarms devices for the elderly in the United Kingdom and is acclaimed for being one of the most affordable. SureSafe is helping elderly loved ones live an independent life. With  SureSafe devices for the elderly, we aim at enabling your elderly loved ones to live their life to the fullest without being dependent on anybody, knowing that help is just a button press away.

You can trust SureSafe’s wide range of telecare, careline devices in providing maximum protection for your elderly loved one and family members this winter season. Get in touch with a SureSafe representative on our free phone number to know more.