Keep your Elderly Loved Ones Safe Ensure Fall Prevention

The International Day of Older Person, recognized by United Nations will be celebrated on 1st October. No matter how many times you try to shrug off the thought of something happening to your loved ones, especially your aging parents and grandparents, you can not deny the fact that the life for seniors can be difficult.

Per World Health Organization statistics report on Epidemiology of Falls,  among community-dwelling older people over 64 years of age, 28-35% fall each year. Of those who are 70 years and older, approximately 32-42% fall each year. The frequency of falls increases with age and frailty level.

A minor slip can result into something medically severe, and if you consider the age, the injury and the associated pain might never go away. It is our responsibility to ensure that the world is safe for our elderly family members to live in.  

Healthcare advances have made significant improvements for the lives of our senior citizens. It is important that our seniors not only feel safe at home but outside as well.

Today we will discuss how loved ones can help with fall prevention:


Use bright lights in the home; bedroom, bathroom, stairway, hall and increase the number of light sources so that improving the line of sight can help in preventing falls. Avoid using loose rugs in the home as they might slip or fall on them. Keep everything that they might need within reach so that there is no risk of them wandering and falling in the dark. If the house has stairs, install treads with a firm grip to mitigate the possibility of a dangerous fall.


A medical alert system assists independent living. Not only does it help in keeping the wearer safe by providing access to immediate medical attention, it also reassures the concerned family members and friends, who are worried about their loved ones living alone. SureSafe offers a range of technologically advanced personal alarms. SureSafe GO Anywhere is an alarm especially made for the elderly that has a versatile SIM installed in it which connects with whichever network is strong enough to establish communication. It is packed with powerful features like fall detection technology, two-way communication via talking pendant, in-built mobile GPS tracking. You can also get individual fall detection alarms, talking pendant alarms, no landline alarms in SureSafe wide range of medical alert systems.

SureSafe is the leading telecare company that aims to make the lives of our seniors, safe, happy and independent. Choose from a variety of personal alarms, the medical alert system that will make sure that your family members and loved ones get immediate medical attention, as and when necessary, with just the push of a button. If you are apprehensive about purchasing a medical alert system for fear that they are complicated, you can rest assured that all age UK personal alarms, no-landline alarms, and telecare equipment from SureSafe are available at affordable monthly installments and with simple installation.