Keeping your Elderly Loved Ones Safe this Winter

With the temperature stooping to the lowest of the low, winter can be a dangerous time for elderly people.
It is natural to be concerned about the safety of your ageing loved ones when you are not with them. During the colder seasons, the risk of falling significantly increases. This is not only due to the possibility of ice outside, but also due to health complications associated with winter. During winter, the immune system can be negatively impacted making elderly people more prone to a range of illnesses, from fever to hypothermia. With this in mind, we have put together some safety tips for the elderly to keep your loved ones safe this winter.


Whilst it is not always possible to watch over your elderly loved ones, video surveillance can help you to be there when it is not physically possible. By installing an indoor video camera to monitor your loved one’s movements you can help to ensure their safety.

With the ability to connect cameras to your smartphone or laptop, you are able to assure the safety of your loved ones at all times. You can also purchase a home security alarm system or the Suresafe ultimate home protection kit – The ISOS Elderly Alarm Ultimate Safety Combo. This complete safety kit includes two pendant alarms, four emergency wall buttons, a fire alarm detector and a speaker for two way communication. It’s all you need to make sure your family members and loved ones are safe when inside the home.


When your elderly loved ones are venturing outside during the winter, it is important to ensure that they are dressed appropriately, in order to stave off illness. Low temperature can easily lead to fever and hypothermia. This also applies if they are visiting or spending prolonged periods of time within cold buildings. Layers are a great way of keeping warm in the winter. This is because warm air gets trapped between layers and acts as an insulator thus, keeping you warm. When in cold temperatures, it is advisable to wear hats, gloves and thick socks at all times. This is because a large amount of heat is lost via extremities, such as the head, hands and feet.


Power outages are more frequent in winter and can lead to an increase in falls, injury and illness. During a power outage, an elderly person may fall or injure themselves when trying to move around the home in the dark. In many houses, heating also runs on electricity. This means that during power outages, the house may become very cold. This is a huge risk factor for elderly people, often leading to serious health complications such as hypothermia. It is always recommended to keep rechargeable lights and battery-powered radios for an emergency. Ensure that your elderly loved ones always have food in stock, in case they are unable to leave the house, and access to warm clothing and blankets, should the heating be affected.


Wearable medical devices such as a SureSafe personal alarm for the elderly allows an elderly person to call for help, should an emergency situation present itself. These discrete yet stylish devices can be worn as pendant or necklace, thereby allowing wearers to use the device without feeling self-conscious. If the wearer feels unwell, suffers an injury or fall, they are able to press the emergency button located on the device. On pressing the button, an alert will be sent out to a designated contact, or to the SureSafe 24/7 monitoring centre. Using two-way communication technology, the responder can gain details of the situation and send appropriate help immediately. Many devices also come with automatic fall detection included. This allows the device to automatically detect when a fall has occurred and alert the necessary parties, without the wearer having to press the button.

SureSafe’s devices are designed to help our elderly loved ones to live an independent and healthy lifestyle; proven to promote overall wellbeing and happiness. SureSafe is a leading provider of telecare and personal alarms devices for elderly people within the United Kingdom. It is also acclaimed for being one of the most affordable personal alarm solutions on the market.

You can trust SureSafe’s wide range of telecare, careline devices in providing maximum protection for your elderly loved ones and family members this winter season. Get in touch with a SureSafe representative on our freephone number to find out more.