How do you know when your parents need a Personal Alarm System for the Elderly?

No one wants to think about their parents growing old. The realisation that your parents are not as young as they used to be is difficult for anyone to take.

If your parents are like most senior Britons then they will desire to stay in their own homes for as long as possible – maintaining their independence. How can you make sure that they are happy and safe in their senior years? A personal alarm system for the elderly is one such solution. A personal alarm that gives your loved ones the safety and security should an emergency occur. A personal alarm that gives you the peace of mind that help is at hand, at the push of a button, should they need it.

Before we talk about the benefits of a personal alarm system for the elderly, the first question to ask yourself is how can you tell that your parents need help?

What are the signs your parents need help? That they may need a personal alarm system for the elderly? Here are some things to look out for:

Here are 5 signs that your parents may need a personal alarm system for the elderly:

  1. Not being as steady on their feet
  2. Not being as mobile as they used to be
  3. A loss of dexterity and control of their hands
  4. Bruises from unexplained events
  5. Trouble getting up from a chair


10 more signs that your parents need a little more help at home: 

  1. A pile up of unopened mail at home
  2. Routine tasks are now harder than they used to be
  3. Personal care and grooming no longer seems a priority
  4. The house isn’t as clean and tidy as it used to be
  5. They are losing weight and their diet is not as good any more
  6. Late payment of bills
  7. Forgetting to take medicine
  8. Not wanting to leave the house much any more
  9. A loss of interest in activities or hobbies
  10. Forgetting to attend important meetings

If you recognise any one of, or number of, these signs then maybe it is time to consider getting your parents some help to stay safe and healthy at home. A personal alarm system for the elderly could be the first step towards protecting your parents and giving you some added peace of mind.

A personal alarm is a personal safety device that allows your parents to call for help, at the push of a button, should they fall or suddenly feel unwell. An alarm base unit, that plugs in alongside the telephone, is programmed with 3 telephone numbers of friends or family that can help should the wearer have an emergency. The user then wears a remote pendant around their neck or wrist. This alarm pendant has an emergency button that can be pressed when help is needed so your loved ones can arrive quickly.

Speak to SureSafe about getting a SureSafe Personal Alarm for the Elderly for your parents and protect them in their own homes.

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