Less Worry, More Peace

Alarms for the elderly are the safest way for a senior citizen to remain in their home, alone. If someone you love is elderly and living alone, it’s time to talk to them about a personal alarm. If they insist on remaining in the home, do your best to keep them safe.

Alarms for the elderly are great devices that work very simply. You won’t be disappointed in the way the alarm works. The main unit is easy to set up and the button couldn’t be simpler to teach. Your loved one won’t be intimidated by modern technology. They will be happy to see that the button is easy to press. The button is worn around the neck, on the wrist, or clipped to the belt (depending on the model). These are convenient and easy to reach places in the event that the wearer falls or has another emergency.

When you purchase an alarm for your elderly loved one you will get to choose which button is right for you. If you are comfortable with being the emergency contact, then you can buy a special unit that dials family and friends numbers automatically. The unit is preprogrammed with your phone number and two more. These are people that can come to your loved one’s aid should the need arise. If, however, these arrangements are not perfect, SureSafe has a 24/7 monitored centre available at all hours of the day and night should work just fine. In the event of an emergency, the button is pressed and a call goes out to the centre. The monitoring centre will then contact the appropriate emergency service.

An alarm is a device that will give peace of mind to the family while allowing your loved one to live alone.

Everyone can feel safe because help is only the press of a button away. If your loved one wants to get up and move around their house, walk in the garden or take a shower, they don’t have to wait for a visitor to escort them. They can feel free and comfortable to go about their day because they are wearing an alarm that acts as a safety net.

Stop the worrying by purchasing an alarm for your elderly loved one.

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