As we grow old, so do our beloved parents. And while no matter how much they assure us that they are doing fine by themselves, when we are busy pursuing our lives, we cannot overlook the fact that human body can weaken as we reach our senior years.

Our aging parents are prone to slip and fall, and even minor injuries at this age can result in a permanent disability. But continuously nagging them to “not go there,” “walk slowly” will make them uncomfortable and they might lose their confidence, which can be detrimental for their mental and physical health.

Technology has helped make the lives of our aging parents more independant and safer. These digital tools have significantly helped the senior community live a better life, free of worries. Out of all the ways digital technology aims at alleviating age-related fear, the most useful are:


Telecare is the use of wearable technology and electrical devices that let the person stay living in their own homes – safer and for longer. Telehealth devices promote independence and safety with remotely monitoring risks or early warning signs of a health condition.

The device could be a personal alarm, like SureSafe 24/7 Connect and SureSafe GO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm. These personal alarms can be worn as a pendant or a wristwatch and will ensure your loved ones safety 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm, you can also keep a tab on your family member’s location and rush to wherever they are, should they need help.

Another type of telecare equipment is a fall detector, like SureSafe Fall Safe with 24/7 Connect Monitoring and Fall Alert Pendant with 24/7 Monitoring, which detects and reports a fall to the linked SureSafe 24/7 Connect monitored alarm service, without the wearer having to push the button manually.

The Fall Alert Pendant with 24/7 Monitoring, measures the speed of the movement and changes to air pressure to detect a fall and is customized to wearer’s height and how they shall wear it to ensure maximum accuracy and reduce the possibility of false alarms.

Now you can rest assure with the SureSafe range of telecare devices that are made to help your family members, be it your aging parents or growing kids, live safely. Traditionally an alarm button, SureSafe telecare equipment can be worn as a pendant or a wrist watch. If there is an emergency, say, for instance, the wearer is not feeling well, the moment they will push the button, they will be instantly connected with the telecare response operator at the SureSafe telecare response centre.  All the vital details like your name, location, medical history, people to contact in case of emergency will be immediately displayed on the representative’s screen. The telecare operator, depending upon the severity, will then contact the nominated person or the ambulance service.

Not only have devices like SureSafe personal alarm system,  fall detection device helped elderly Britons live their life with independence, knowing that help is just a button press away, but it has also relieved family members from constant worry. SureSafe is one of UK’s leading providers of Telecare and Assistive technology devices that aim at enhancing the quality of life of your family members and loved ones.