Lockdown hobbies for women at home

Hobbies for women at home

With lockdown 2.0 in full swing, we discover the best hobbies you can do at home to cure instant boredom (whether you’re furloughed or generally finding more time on your hands!). We have created a list of hobbies for women at home that includes a range of sedentary and physical fun. Here is the best ideas for activities for the elderly.

Let’s get quizzical and test your knowledge!

Spend your spare time getting your general knowledge up to scratch. This isn’t just a hobby for women at home but men, children, whoever would like a bit of academic fun whatever the level. We love Snap Quiz! Snap Quiz

They have a free e-book with 1000 high-quality quiz questions & answers to do at your leisure, or simply subscribe to their YouTube channel which includes a range of general knowledge, music, film, and geography questions to test your brain. 

Craft and creation

Get your creative juices flowing and throw yourself into a craft project. No matter your experience, there is always something for you whether you have a spare hour or many hours in the bank. Hobbycraft has a great range of skilled tutorials on their YouTube channel including drawing, painting, crochet, sewing, knitting. So if you want to find hobbies for women at home, they will give you a full step by step to improve your hobby. 

If you’re looking for a one-off project, The Crafty Gentleman is your man! Starting with his love of crafts, Mike began blogging his arty projects as a sideline, and now he’s dedicated a large part of his life to creating content for hobbies for women (and men!) at home. He prides himself on creating step by step unique projects, encouraging men to partake in most craft projects. We particularly love his blog on ‘Craft Projects to do while in Self-Isolation’, which has home-makes on many different levels. 

Release some serotonin!

Lockdown and 2020, in general, has been pretty tough on us all so although we can mention many hobbies for women at home, the main purpose is to release some happy hormones and get yourself away from the glum feeling.

Physical activities that release happy hormones can involve Yoga, Gardening, and Exercise or if you’re after something sedentary why not try a spot of Meditation? As for hobbies for women at home, this is one that has fantastic wellbeing benefits including reduction of stress-related illnesses (IBS, PTSD, fibromyalgia), reduction in anxiety which is very common with the current climate, and improving your self-awareness. This could even help with memory loss, focus, and concentration. For beginners, you could start with a walking meditation (walking and focusing on your breathing in and out), or perhaps a 5-minute meditation exercise first thing in the morning or last thing at night. We recommend the Calm app or Youtube Channel to get yourself started. 

There are loads of different hobbies you can do at home, but here are just a few ideas for activities for the elderly to get you started and to help make lockdown a bit more bearable. View our other blogs for useful tips & tricks.