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What is WorkSafe?

WorkSafe is a leading personal safety alarm range designed to keep lone workers, or ‘at risk’ workers, safe. WorkSafe offers tailored solutions to fit both your employee’s risk needs, as well as fit your organisation’s operational needs. WorkSafe allows employees to call for help in an emergency, tracks their location via GPS in case they get into any difficulty, allows employees to set time at risk alerts when they are on job locations, and offers you a fully auditable and accessible risk management tool.

Who needs one?

Many types of employees face some sort of danger in the workplace. These include employees who either work alone for all, or part, of their working day; who work in a hazardous environment or with hazardous materials; who work at height; or who come into contact with members of the public in an isolated environment (e.g. professions requiring home visits such as healthcare, estate agents, etc.). A lone worker alarm allows employees to call for help when faced with a workplace health and safety incident or other unforeseen circumstance.

Why Use WorkSafe?

Organisations have a duty of care to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees. Organisations are also obliged to do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. WorkSafe offers a one-stop solution for all your lone-worker/at risk worker safety in one easy to use platform. WorkSafe has market leading technology that helps keep your employees safe, allows you to easily manage and monitor employee wellbeing, and clearly demonstrates that you are complying with your statutory obligations to workplace safety.

Who is WorkSafe?

WorkSafe is the lone worker/at risk worker division of SureSafe Alarms. SureSafe is a leading UK alarm and personal safety device provider in the UK, with thousands of customers all over the UK. SureSafe works closely with multiple hospitals, NHS Trusts, police authorities, charities and local authorities. SureSafe is part of the Bora Health Group of Companies. Bora Health has operations in the UK, USA and Australia – you can feel you are in safe hands with a global leader in personal alarms and workplace safety.

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Low / Medium Risk

Employees who routinely deal with members of the public on their own can include the following types of workers: office, retail, estate agents, financial services, social workers, health professionals and charity workers. This can sometimes be even more isolated as meetings happen in the member of public’s home. WorkSafe’s App based lone worker alarm allows you to monitor your employees location, as well as allows employees to set a timer feature to trigger an SOS alarm if no ‘I am OK’ confirmation takes place after a set period of time.

Medium / High Risk

Some employees who routinely deal with members of the public, often in their homes, may face a heightened risk due to the nature of their work such as estate agents working alone with strangers. WorkSafe also offers a wearable button to be able to discreetly call for help if they feel threatened or in danger. This is in addition to being able to track them, and for them to set time on risk alerts. Higher risk retail employees such as off licenses, betting shops could also benefit here.

Fall / Injury Risk

Job roles that include working at height, with hazardous materials or on mechanical equipment such as farming equipment may have an increased risk of accidents and injury. When employees carry out these tasks while working alone, even briefly, this risk becomes greater. WorkSafe offers lone worker alarms with automatic fall detection. The wearer can manually call for help using the SOS button on the device. Additionally, the alarm can sense most falls and will automatically call for help – even if the user is unconscious.

24/7 Monitored Solution

Our industry leading 24/7 monitoring centre provides 24/7/365 protection for your employees. Peace of mind that no alarm call will go unanswered.

Self-Managed Solution

Reduce costs by linking your WorkSafe alarm to your own monitoring centre, internal 24 hour staff line, or even 3 pre-determined staff emergency contacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lone worker?


Any employee (or volunteer) that spends some or all of their working time by themselves, or by themselves while interacting with members of the public. This can include in an office environment.

Why have a lone worker policy?


To promote a strong safety culture among employees and reduce the risk of legal issues. A strong policy will consider the potential risks that lone working employees face and offer solutions e.g. lone worker alarms.

What are Employer’s statutory obligations for employee safety?


A duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees. Do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. Employers have duties under health and safety law to assess risks in the workplace.

What type of alarm should we choose?


It really depends on the type of work carried out, and the subsequent exposures the employees face. We strongly recommend calling us on 0800 112 3210 and we can help you choose the right solution.

What does the user portal do?


Allows you to upload and update user information quickly and easily, provides real time GPS locations, historical data reporting, monitor usage, full audit trail, plus much more!

How does the alarm locate our employees?


WorkSafe Alarms use GPS tracking to locate an employee based on the location of their phone. The User Portal allows for real time tracking of employee locations (if required).

What is a time at risk ‘check in’ alarm?


Designed for when the employee may be carrying out hazardous tasks or be in an isolated meeting. A timer feature triggers an SOS alarm if no ‘I am OK’ confirmation takes place.

Do you offer user training and support?


Yes – absolutely! Adoption of the service into corporate culture is the ultimate goal. We provide full training and support to help you achieve this.

What accreditations do you have?


Our 24/7 Response Centre is UK based, BS 8484:16 accredited and holds priority level 1 emergency response status.

What Types Of Industries Need To Consider Lone Worker Alarms?

There is no definitive list of the types of organisations that need workplace safety alarms. Any company that has workers who spend even brief periods of their workday alone has both a duty of care to its employees and a potential liability. Here are a few examples of the types of industries that commonly use lone worker alarms:

Government Departments & Local Councils

Charities & Not For Profits

Housing Associations

Corporate Lone Workers

Estate Agents

Transport & Logistics

Remote Location & Construction Workers

Laboratory Workers / Chemical Exposures

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Market Leading Products

You can feel that you, and your employees, are in safe hands with the most technologically advanced lone worker products in the market.

Tailored Solutions

We offer you tailored products and services designed to fit both your employees’ risk needs, as well as your own operational requirements.

Full Audit Trail

User portal allows user management, data recording and reporting. It allows historical data reporting, monitoring of usage and demonstrates compliance with legislation.

Data Security

Our products and services are built to deal with the most exacting standards of information systems security, including end to end data encryption.

Why Choose

We are a leading UK provider of personal alarms and personal safety devices.