The Importance of Lone Worker Protection for Employees

Many businesses these days employ lone workers in a range of different capacities. There are lone workers who have to go out and meet clients they have never met before. Some have to visit people in their homes such as healthcare workers. There are also lone workers who don’t have to go out and meet people but work alone in a high-risk environment with hazardous materials.

In all of these cases, you need to consider lone worker protection for your employees, as this will enable you to demonstrate your duty of care as well as provide protection. When you put lone worker protection in place, you can look forward to increased peace of mind for both you and your employees, and there are various solutions you can choose from.


Low / Medium Risk

Employees who routinely deal with members of the public on their own can include the following types of workers: office, retail, estate agents, financial services, social workers, health professionals and charity workers. This can sometimes be even more isolated as meetings happen in the member of public’s home. WorkSafe’s App based lone worker alarm allows you to monitor your employees location, as well as allows employees to set a timer feature to trigger an SOS alarm if no ‘I am OK’ confirmation takes place after a set period of time.

Medium / High Risk

Some employees who routinely deal with members of the public, often in their homes, may face a heightened risk due to the nature of their work such as estate agents working alone with strangers. WorkSafe also offers a wearable button to be able to discreetly call for help if they feel threatened or in danger. This is in addition to being able to track them, and for them to set time on risk alerts. Higher risk retail employees such as off licenses, betting shops could also benefit here.

Fall / Injury Risk

Job roles that include working at height, with hazardous materials or on mechanical equipment such as farming equipment may have an increased risk of accidents and injury. When employees carry out these tasks while working alone, even briefly, this risk becomes greater. WorkSafe offers lone worker alarms with automatic fall detection. The wearer can manually call for help using the SOS button on the device. Additionally, the alarm can sense most falls and will automatically call for help – even if the user is unconscious.

Some Top Options for Lone Worker Protection

You will find a range of solutions available when it comes to lone worker protection, which makes it easier for you to find one that is ideally suited to your business and your employees. One of the options you can consider is the lone worker app, which is a great tool for employees who have to go out and about alone. You can track their location via the app as well as set up alerts, so an emergency alarm is triggered if the employee fails to make contact by a particular time.

Another option is a wearable lone worker device, which is a great way for employees to get help if they feel they are in a risky or threatening situation. These buttons can be worn and used very discreetly, and they provide an additional layer of protection for employees in medium and high-risk jobs. They can also be used alongside the lone worker app for enhanced security and peace of mind.

If you have lone workers who spend their time working with dangerous equipment or hazardous materials, there is a risk that they could suffer an accident or injury. If they are working alone, this will go undetected and there is a chance they won’t be able to call for help themselves if they are seriously injured. A lone worker alarm is a great way to provide protection and can automatically detect falls and trigger the alarm if the worker is not in a position to do so.

Contact the Experts in Lone Worker Protection

As a responsible employer, it is important to ensure you put protection in place for your lone workers. If you are unsure as to the best form of lone worker protection, you can speak to the experts at SureSafe Alarms. Our range of WorkSafe solutions is designed to cater to employees working in a range of situations and environments.

Our team can provide you with information about our variety of lone worker protective solutions, so you can make an informed choice. You can look forward to superb quality and support as well as competitive prices – and you can rest easy knowing that your lone working employees have protection in place.