Maintaining Independent Living Long into Old Age

As we grow older, our bodies and minds tend to diminish slightly. This can cause worry in our loved ones, especially if living alone.

Why is Independence Important?

Independence is important in all walks of life however, independence within the elderly is often the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. So why is independence so important for the elderly?

  • Mental Wellbeing

Independent living has been shown to improve overall mental wellbeing. This is because it gives people a purpose in life. By being able to make your own choices, go to the shops and visit friends etc.  it helps to promote social interaction and higher activity levels; both factors that have shown to improve wellbeing.

  • Improved Strength and Mobility

Not using our muscles causes muscle mass to be lost and mobility to be reduced. Encouraging our elderly loved ones to sit still and not do certain things can therefore actually increase their risk of falling. By maintaining an active and independent lifestyle they can also maintain muscle, balance and mobility, helping to reduce the risk of falls occurring.

Promoting Independence in the Elderly

In order to help our elderly loved ones to live a long, happy and more safe lifestyle, independent living should be encouraged. The dilemma of course, is how do you protect your loved ones if they are spending large portions of time alone, or going out and about? Technology can help to put your mind at ease.


Telecare is the use of wearable technology and electrical devices that are designed to let the user stay living in their own home for longer, without compromising on their safety

Personal alarm devices such as the SureSafe 24/7 Connect and theSureSafe GO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm are ideal in helping to encourage your elderly loved ones to maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Worn as a pendant or a wristwatch, users are able to call for help at the push of a button if an emergency occurs. Not only will this help to bring peace of mind to them, but also to friends and family. GPS tracker alarms are also available to ensure your loved ones safety 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, even when they are away from the home.

You may be thinking, what happens if my elderly loved one is unable to press the button to call for help? Fall detection alarms help to rectify this worry. By measuring air speed and air pressure, the alarm is able to automatically detect if a fall has occurred and gain assistance regardless of whether the emergency button is pressed or not. 

Through this, both you and your elderly loved ones can be confident that help is never far away should the worst occur! This added layer of security is key in helping the eldery to maintain an independent lifestyle, promote good mental wellbeing and improved health.

For more information on how a personal alarm could help your elderly loved ones to maintain their independence for longer, contact a member of our expert team.