Mistake to Avoid when Shopping for a Personal Alarm

Modern life is busy. With the demands of work, family life and other commitments, it is almost impossible to constantly keep an eye on your elderly loved ones.
Most older people wish to remain living in their own homes so that they are able to maintain both their privacy and independence. Independence in old age is said to help improve happiness and overall well being, therefore, this is something to be encouraged. This is not without its issues, however. The thought of your elderly loved ones living alone can cause a multitude of worries such as ‘what would happen if they were to fall?’ or ‘how long would it take for them to get help if they are injured or ill?’

A personal alarm device could help to relieve all of these worries. Personal alarms allow wearers to call for assistance at the push of a button. These wearable devices contain an emergency button, usually worn around the neck or wrist, that can be pressed in the event of an emergency. On pressing the button, an alert will be sent to a designated contact or to a 24/7 monitoring centre so that help can be received quickly if needed.

There are a wide range of different personal alarm devices on the market; you should ensure that you do thorough research before purchasing to make sure you get the right device for your needs. There are some major pitfalls you can fall into when buying a personal alarm for the elderly. We have put together a few mistakes to avoid when buying a personal alarm.


The world might have gone digital, and while most people are comfortable with a video tutorial, you should consider who you are purchasing a personal alarm for. Would your elderly loved one struggle to use it? Their life could depend on a personal alarm one day so it is essential that they know how to use it. You should not buy a device that is too complex to install or use in an emergency situation. SureSafe medical alarm devices are all easy to install and to use. They will offer safety and security, as and when needed. Users simply have to press the emergency button in the event of a fall, injury or illness and an alert will be sent out, allowing them to get help quickly.


If your elderly loved ones maintain an active and sociable lifestyle, it is likely that they will leave the home unaccompanied from time to time. This can be worrying for both you and your loved ones. What would happen if they were to injure themselves whilst out and about? Would they receive help quickly? How would I know? These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself. A personal alarm can help to assure these worries however, they will not work if you buy a device with low coverage. Some devices can only be used inside the home. There are however, some mobile devices on the market. It is important to ensure that the device has sufficient coverage and battery life.

The SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm has a seven-day battery standby, with an automatic low battery text feature. It also has a UK roaming SIM card that picks up the strongest network available in the region so that you can be sure your loved one is always protected. They will be connected to a designated contact or response centre at all times so that if the worst were to happen, help is never far away.


Don’t cut corners just to save a few pounds, after all, you can’t put a price on the safety of your loved ones. Never purchase a medical alarm device that lacks a necessary feature or function. If your loved ones suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, their personal alarm should include automatic fall detection. This ensures that help will be gained even if they cannot alert anybody themselves. For those with a more active lifestyle, spending frequent time away from the home, GPS tracking is key. This allows wearers to be easily located in the event of an emergency meaning they are protected at all time, no matter their location. All personal alarms should have, as a minimum, 24/7 monitoring, extensive coverage, water, and dust resistance. SureSafe personal alarm devices have options for all these and more features, helping to provide unrestricted and immediate help to your loved ones and family members, whenever they are in distress.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Browse the extensive range of personal alarm devices or contact a member of the SureSafe team for expert guidance and support.