Offer your elderly loved ones safety and independence with a medical alert system

You don't have to worry any longer about leaving your ageing parents/grandparents living in their own homes.

There are numerous sensors available in a medical alert system

  • Fall detectors
  • Talking pendants
  • Smoke detectors
  • GPS locators

The best type of medical alert system for offering complete protection, peace of mind and safety is one that comes with 24/7 monitoring from a 24/7 response centre.

Here, when the alert system is activated, the emergency call comes through to the response centre. Response centre operators are there day and night, and can arrange for the appropriate help. This means that you never have to worry if a family member or friend will be available to answer the alarm call.

Better still, choose an alarm with GPS location tracking. This means that you can take the alarm anywhere you go, it is not just for use at home. The 24/7 response centre will receive details of your GPS location when an alarm call comes through, and they can then send the emergency services to the correct location to help you.


  • The best medical alert systems will include two-way communication, ideally through the pendant or the wristband. A ‘talking pendant’ means that you can get the help you need, fast.
  • What if your elderly loved one has a medical condition that makes them more likely to have a fall and lose consciousness? This could include epilepsy, heart conditions or being at higher risk of a stroke. If they have a medical alert device that has fall detection sensors, it can immediately send an alert signal to either the 24/7 response centre, or family and friends (depending on the type of product). This is without the need for the user to push the button on the pendant or wristband. SureSafe epilepsy and seizure alarms have built in epilepsy fall alarms, and epilepsy bed sensors detect a seizure during the night while the user sleeps.

  • There are also fully mobile GPS tracking devices that will help you locate your loved ones if they have a fall or sudden illness when they are away from the home e.g. whilst on a walk, or at the shops.

  • There are devices with active monitoring of the wearer. With the help of motion sensors, these devices monitor the user’s activities and help the family and friends.

  • Since the bathroom is the highest risk place of a fall, make sure you get a water-resistant alert system. If your loved one falls in the shower wearing a water-resistant fall detector then they can get the help they need right away.

An alert system will give you peace of mind and make sure your loved ones feel comfortable, independent and safe. You can check out the SureSafe’s wide range of alert systems like automatic fall detection systems and epilepsy sensors that will  help you make sure your family can get the medical attention they need, whenever they need it.