Old People Alarm

Old People Alarm

Choosing an old people for your elderly relatives or friends is one of the best gifts you could give them. With so many elderly people suffering from falls and other maladies that could cause them to fall or become injured, an alarm gives them the safety and security they need to be able to achieve independence while giving you the peace of mind that they’re okay.

What Types of Old People Alarm are There?

With several different types of personal and emergency alarms available, SureSafe are here to ensure the full spectrum of needs are covered.

Fall Alarms

A fall alarm is an innovative combination of technology that constantly measures air pressure and air speed. When changes are detected in the air pressure and speed that are consistent with a fall, the alarm sends a signal to its base unit, which them alerts the responder who can assist appropriately.

Fall alarms are a great old people alarm, as they ensure that those who can’t press a button (such as those who are unconscious or have had a stroke, heart attack or epileptic fit) swiftly get the help they need to be able to aid recovery.

Talking Pendant Alarms

These brilliant alarms allow for two-way communication between the wearer and the responder. Essentially acting as a mobile and wearable base unit, the talking pendant can be used if the elderly person who is wearing it needs assistance. The responder can ask questions and offer assurances before coming to their aid.

Working anywhere in the house, it’s perfect for high-risk elderly people who live with family members. 

Anywhere Alarms

Most personal old people alarms use landline technology to connect a base unit to the respondent centre or person with a mobile alarm unit connected to that base unit.

Anywhere alarms are a little bit different. Instead of being connected via a landline and only working within the range of a base unit, an anywhere alarm works wherever you are. Connected via mobile, the anywhere alarm range is the perfect fit for those who like to get out and about and allows more independence to the elderly wearer.


How Do Old People Alarms Work?

There are several different types of old people alarm, which all work a little bit differently. Some alarms require the wearer to press a button, sending a signal to the respondent to let them know that something is wrong, while fall alarms do this automatically when a fall is detected and talking pendant alarms allow for verbal communication.

Why Choose an Old People Alarm for your Friend or Loved One?

Choosing an old people alarm comes with several key benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind that your elderly loved on will be safe
  • Reducing the chances of repeated, subsequent hospital visits for falls
  • Improving recovery times due to fast response
  • Allowing for more independence for the elderly person, which improves happiness and mental wellbeing