Careline Alarms

A careline alarm is simply a care alarm that can offer additional safety and peace of mind for the wearer and also friends and family.

Why do you need Careline Alarms?

Careline alarms can be an essential tool in maintaining independent living. The ability to call for help when you cannot get to the phone can be life-saving. Careline alarms give additional peace of mind for the family and friends and increased safety for the alarm wearer.

Careline Alarm Features

  • Flexible care alarm button that can be worn as a pendant or a wristband
  • Up to 100m pendant range, covers most people’s homes and gardens
  • Fully waterproof – designed for use in the bath or shower
  • Powerful speaker and microphone in the base unit for two-way communication
  • 24/7 response, a guaranteed answer whenever help is needed

Careline Alarm Benefits

  • Independent living, safer and for longer
  • Increased safety and protection for the alarm wearer
  • Get help when you need it, wherever you are in the home or garden
  • Peace of mind for family, friends and loved ones

SureSafe also offers a broad range of other types of personal alarms that can be used to help elderly Britons remain independent and stay safe. 

Careline Alarm Product Ranges

  • Mobile, or ‘Go Anywhere’ alarms such as the SureSafeGO which can be used in the home and out and about. The location is found using GPS technology meaning you can always find where the wearer is as long as they have the alarm to hand
  • Fall detection alarms like the Fall Alert and Fall Safe. These are automatic fall detection alarms means a button isn’t pressed, the alarm will detect the fall.
  • Talking pendant alarms in this case the TalkSafe. This is a pendant which is worn around the neck which has a 2-way communication feature so the wearer can talk directly to the response centre.
  • Friends & family alarms are our traditional personal alarm. The SureSafe personal alarm gives the ability to program up to three emergency contact numbers into the base unit. With no ongoing fees and a pendant & wrist alarm, it is the simplest model.
  • No landline alarms cover the 24/7 monitored alarm. This SureSafeGO alarm as described above is one that doesn’t need a landline to work. Compact, stylish, and all about the advanced telecare technology, it is a great all-rounder.

As well as careline alarms we also sell additional pendants and key safes with the add-on of key safe installation. Be sure to check out our accessories.