Panic Alarm System For The Elderly

Are you getting older but still want to stay in your own home, enjoying an active and independent lifestyle? Or maybe you have an elderly relative who lives alone, and you worry that they may suffer a fall, injury or emergency, without anybody there to assist them in their time of need? A panic alarm system is the ideal solution.

A panic alarm system for the elderly is designed to give the user and their loved ones the ultimate peace of mind. Easy to use, it gives users the functionality to summon help at the push of a button. This ensures that someone will be on the way  to respond to the incident in a mere matter of minutes; sometimes the difference between life and death.

When Can A Panic Alarm System Prove Useful?

There are a number of situations in which a panic alarm may prove to be useful. Here are just a few:

  • If the user suffers a fall –  The user can press the button on their alarm pendant or wrist watch, allowing them to summon help to get back up or medical assistance for any injuries caused.
  • If the user becomes unwell and is unable to make their own way to a hospital or doctor, they can use the panic alarm system to obtain help, whether this is via the emergency services or a friend or family member.

If the user is distressed, worried about an unwanted visitor or unexpected person at their door, they can alert a designated contact or monitoring center straight away. This gives them an extra layer of security and increased peace of mind.

How Does A Panic Alarm System Help?

A panic alarm system for the elderly is designed to make it quick and simple to get help in the event of an emergency or problem. Usually, the system will consist of two parts – a base unit and a pendant or wristband which is worn discreetly around the arm or neck. When the button is depressed, an alert is immediately issued either to the designated contact, who will be a friend or family member living nearby, or to a monitoring center. Our rapid response monitoring centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, help can be on its way in an instant.

Since a panic alarm system is rapid and easy to use, it gives both the user themselves and their loved ones greater assurance they will be safe both inside and out of the home. Designed to promote independent living, a panic alarm system for the elderly gives older people the opportunity to carry on enjoying an active lifestyle for as long as possible, without the need to go into residential care.

As older people are at a much higher risk of suffering falls and accidents, a panic alarm system can be a vital lifeline.


Choosing A SureSafe Panic Alarm System

SureSafe offers a range of panic alarm systems for the elderly with options to suit a variety of needs. From landline-based systems, which use the home phone line to summon assistance, to devices which use the latest mobile technology to call a contact or monitoring center when away from the home. We have all the necessary solutions to help foster a great quality of life, long into old age.  

Contact the SureSafe team today to find out more about how to choose the best elderly alarm to suit the needs of you or you loved ones.