Panic Alarm

Panic alarm systems for the elderly are designed to protect your loved ones at home. They offer an added layer of security, allowing them to receive rapid assistance should they fall, become ill or feel at risk in any way. With 24/7 monitoring both you and your loved ones can be confident they are being looked after, allowing them to build confidence and maintain an independent lifestyle for longer.Question: Why Buy a Panic Alarm?
Answer: For Peace of MindDid you know that the risk of a fall can be significantly increased by having a fear of falling itself? It may sound strange however, as people grow older they become less mobile. Recognising this reduced mobility, they grow fearful that they are at an increased risk of fall or injury. The natural response to this is to reduce activity levels in an attempt to minimise fall risk – ‘if I don’t move as much, I’m less likely to fall.’ Unfortunately, this is not the case. When an elderly person reduces movement, their mobility and balance also decline. The actual result of reduced movement therefore, is a higher risk of falling.

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How do Panic Alarms for the Elderly Work?

Our panic alarm systems are based around an emergency button for the elderly; they are designed to provide rapid assistance to wearers should they fall, become ill or feel at risk. There are two main types of panic alarm buttons for the elderly; landline-based alarms and mobile-based alarms. 

Landline-based panic alarms utilise the home phone as the base unit. This is connected to the emergency button worn by the user. If the emergency button is pressed, a signal is sent to the base unit. This will then send an alert to our 24/7 monitoring centre, or to a designated contact, to inform them that help may be needed. Mobile alarms work in this same way however, they do not use a landline as the base unit. The base unit is the panic button itself. This allows the user to use the alarm both at home and away from the home providing a mobile signal is available. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

Why use a Panic Alarm?

  • Using an alarm button for the elderly helps the user to maintain an independent lifestyle, safe in the knowledge they are being looked after
  • A panic alarm system gives peace of mind, not only to the user but to friends and family who work or live far away from their elderly loved ones
  • Improve the chances of making a full recovery from injury, by gaining rapid assistance, at just the push of a button in the event of an emergency
  • Build confidence with an elderly emergency button, helping your loved ones to maintain an active lifestyle and reduce the likelihood of falling

SureSafe Panic Alarm Features

  • Simple and practical design for ease of use. Simply press the emergency button located on the panic alarm pendant to call for help.
  • Two-way communication between the wearer and responder via the pendant itself. Allows for assurances to be given to the wearer and further information about the emergency situation to be gained.
  • Friends and family panic alarms automatically dial 3 stored numbers in the event of an emergency, whilst monitored panic alarms contact the SureSafe 24/7 response centre
  • Water resistant meaning panic alarm systems can be utilised whilst in the shower or bath, one of the most high-risk areas for falls
  • Ready to use out of the box. Simply plug into your telephone and you’re away.


Why Buy from SureSafe?

As a community minded organisation, it is our mission to make independent living safe and affordable for all of our elderly citizens. We achieve this through:

  • being 100% online in order to reduce overheads, allowing us to pass the savings onto you the customer
  • offering options for unmonitored, friends and family panic alarms meaning no ongoing monthly fees 
  • having a simple to install product so there are no associated installation costs 
  • not being available through intermediaries, we supply direct to the end user
  • sourcing a range of panic alarm systems for the elderly, at an affordable price, without compromising on quality

All of these factors allow us to provide a wide range of high-quality panic alarms, with options to suit almost any need, at an affordable price.

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The Advantages of a Panic Alarm System

  • Maintain an active and independent lifestyle for longer. Panic alarms offer peace of mind to both the user and their loved ones, knowing they will be looked after if an emergency should occur
  • Feel safe in high-risk fall areas such as the shower with our water resistant emergency buttons for the elderly.
  • Contact emergency assistance rapidly, no matter where you are in your home. Rapid assistance increases the chances of full recovery from injury.
  • Connected to friends and family allowing emergency professionals to gain personal information such as allergies, medical conditions and unique needs before administering required treatment/support

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