Panic Button For Elderly

Are you worried about what could happen to your aging loved ones in the event of an emergency? Do you have concerns about what would happen if an accident should occur and nobody is around to help? The answer could be a panic button.

When you need a peace of mind solution, a panic button for elderly relatives or for yourself gives you the additional security you seek. Giving older people the confidence to stay in their own home, panic buttons offer a safe and reliable way of calling for assistance whenever it is most required.

What Is A Panic Button For The Elderly?

A panic button may sometimes be called a personal alarm or a panic alarm. It usually comes with its own pendant allowing it to be worn around the wrist or neck for easy access. Discreet, simple to use and comfortable to wear, panic buttons allow the wearer to call instantly for help should it be required.

How Do Panic Buttons Work?

Should the wearer experience an emergency, they can simply push the panic button. The device will then call the monitoring center which is open 24/7. The monitoring center knows instantly who the wearer is, where they live and all of the medical details which have been shared with the provider. As soon as the panic button is pressed, the wearer can rest assured somebody will respond rapidly. When the alarm is received, the monitoring center tries to make contact with the user and, when necessary, nominated contacts will be called or emergency services will be alerted.

How Can A Panic Button For The Elderly Help?

A panic button is extremely useful for older people who want to maintain their independence. It can be used to summon assistance should they fall or become unwell. It can also be used whenever the user feels distressed, such as if they have an unexpected or unwanted caller at their door.

For elderly people living alone, this service can be a vital lifeline. Family members cannot always reach their aging loved ones quickly when they call. With a 24-hour monitoring service, older people can stay independent in their own homes while still feeling confident and secure.


What Are The Features Of A Panic Button?

Panic buttons boast a number of outstanding features which makes them extremely beneficial for older people who want to enjoy an independent lifestyle. These features include:

  • A simple to use design
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Lightweight and discreet design
  • Portable functionality, allowing the wearer to move freely around their home or garden safe in the knowledge they can access assistance at any time
  • Easy installation

If you or your elderly loved one could benefit from having a panic button, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Here at SureSafe, we are dedicated to improving the lives of older people and we are here to help you or your relatives live an independent lifestyle for longer. Speak to our experienced team today and learn more about how we can be of assistance.