Pendant Alarms for the Elderly – the Good and the Bad

With a plethora of options to choose from, selecting the best device for yourself or your elderly family members can be quite a challenge.
From wrist alarms to bracelets, you have a whole world of wearable alarms to choose from. But according to reviews, pendant alarms are apparently the most practical wearable alarms for the elderly. Unlike alarms which are worn on the wrist, a pendant alarm is more accessible in situations where the person is unable to lift or move his or her arms.

The Good

That’s a reasonable argument in the favour of pendant shaped alarms, isn’t it? In fact, some of these alarms also allow you to talk to your Carer in case of an emergency. With the pendant alarm around your neck, it’s a lot easier to talk without having to lift your hands. Equipped with high-tech microphones, GPS trackers encased in a waterproof body, the SureSafeGO 2 pendant alarm for elderly people is one of the most reliable devices. It allows the elderly person wearing it to be in constant touch with the response centre if you choose the 24/7 version. The GPS tracker, along with the microphone, allows the team at the response centre to monitor and ensure the well-being of the person around the clock.

The Bad

The only shortcoming of water-proof pendant alarms is that they use mobile phone signal, so you are reliant on mobile signal for it to work. This is not a problem for most of the UK, with 98% mobile phone coverage. SureSafe Mobile also uses a roaming safety SIM that works on O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile. It jumps between networks to get the best signal available. Added peace of mind and safety at your time of need!

According to pendent alarms for the elderly reviews, it is the safe and sure option as it can even be worn in the shower – where elderly people are more prone to an accident.

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