Personal Alarm Pendant

Personal Alarm Pendant 

Give the people you care about a better quality of life and increased security in their health and wellbeing with a personal alarm pendant. The personal alarm pendant helps to reduce the likeliness of subsequent hospital visits following an injury or medical event and aims to reduce recovery times while increasing the chances of a full recovery.

At SureSafe we ensure that our personal alarm pendants are high-quality, dependable and offer the protection of a metaphorical safety net in the event of a fall or other incident. If you or a loved one suffers from epilepsy, is frail, prone to fall, has reduced balance or is otherwise high risk, then a personal alarm pendant is the perfect way to help while not talking away any freedom.

What is a Personal Alarm Pendant?

A personal alarm pendant is a wearable personal alarm that is worn by the user. The alarm pendant can be used when the wearer is in distress or is experiencing medical symptoms but cannot move or operate a phone to call for assistance themselves.

The personal alarm pendant is an innovative piece of technology that allows for two-way communication between the user and our response centre, so we can ask questions, assess the situation and send the appropriate medical help they need instantly.

Talking Alarm Pendant Features

The talking pendant alarm is an excellent way to keep your loved ones safe and has several features to ensure this.

  • Easy to operate
  • Wearable around the neck to prevent its loss
  • Two-way communication
  • 24/7 manned response centres for immediate assistance
  • Respondents who can send immediate help and talk to the wearer
  • Works anywhere in the home as well as in the garden


Benefits of a Pendant Alarm

The personal alarm pendant benefits both you and the wearer. Its added protection against ongoing medical care and repeated hospital admission because of the length of time it took for an elderly person to receive help is a considerable benefit to everyone.

Your peace of mind that the wearer, whether it be yourself or a loved one or friend, is safe plus the added benefit of allowing the elderly wearer to move around more freely and be unsupervised for longer periods of time are also great benefits.

Those who are appointed with more independence, privacy and freedom can have a better quality of life while being more confident in themselves and their ability to do the things they love, making them happier.

Why you Should Choose the Pendant Alarm for your Loved Ones

Choosing the pendant alarm for someone who is elderly, frail or otherwise high risk can be of great benefit to them and to you. Peace of mind and freedom go hand in hand with the pendant alarm. With the ability to talk to someone who can reassure them and send help so they know that help is on the way, calling the wearer down and reducing the risk of further injury or complication.