Personal Alarms Mean Independence

The decision to get a personal alarm for an aging loved one is a very delicate subject. The elderly loved one may or may not be receptive to the idea but they should definitely be involved in the decision making. If you have an aging loved one at home, living alone, then now is the time to talk about purchasing a personal alarm.

Personal alarms are way for the elderly to remain in their home longer than they normally would be able to. If they are resistant to moving out then a personal alarm will make them feel safe and bring peace of mind to the family. If the elderly loved one should have a fall then the personal alarm will be at their fingertips ready to call for help. Personal alarms allow the elderly to hold onto their independence for a little while longer. If you have an elderly loved one who insists on staying in their home then it’s time to have a family meeting and talk about personal alarms.

Personal alarms for the elderly are a simple button that the user wears. The button is pushed in the event of an emergency. It’s that easy. There are a couple of different buttons to choose from and the family will have to decide together if they want to make a one-time purchase or are they willing to take on a monthly subscription. The one-time fee will get you an affordable button that is programmed to call the number of a family member or someone who can come right away if the button were pushed. The monthly subscription will have a 24 hour a day monitoring center that will answer if the button is pushed and they will then call the appropriate emergency service. Both personal alarm buttons are great choices but only the family and the loved one together can choose which is best for them personally.

Personal alarms for the elderly can ultimately save lives. They are easy to reach and easy to press. An elderly loved one no longer has to live in fear of falling or suddenly taking ill. They can be free to live independently knowing that help is only the press of a button away.

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