Personal Fall Alarm

Personal Fall Alarm

The SureSafe personal fall alarm systems are revolutionary ways to ensure quick and automatic response even when your elderly friend or relative can’t act themselves. A lot of falls can be due to things like epileptic fits, strokes, heart attacks or can render the wearer unconscious. This all means that the wearer is unable to press a button on a traditional personal alarm system.

A fall alarm eliminates the need to press a button by automatically detecting a fall, meaning the elderly person is on the ground for less time, which can lead to improved recovery chances.

What is a Personal Fall Alarm?

A personal fall alarm acts as a defence against leaving an elderly, frail or otherwise ill person alone and in distress after a fall or medical event that they need attention for. Unlike other alarms that require the user to press a button or interact with the alarm or base unit in some other way, a fall alarm does its thing automatically.

The alarm has built in sensors that measure the air pressure and air speed, meaning it can detect when a person wearing it has fallen and has not got up. When this happens, the alarm sends a signal to the response centre, so that help can be sent immediately. 

The Anywhere Alarm System

The personal fall alarm with 24/7 Anywhere technology uses a mobile network in place of a landline. This essentially means that the wearer does not to be at home or within a certain distance of a base unit for it to work, they can be anywhere.

While out and about, the anywhere alarm will automatically detect a fall and send the signal using a mobile network connection, allowing for greater independence and improved response. With in-built GPS, the anywhere alarm not only knows when someone has fallen but also knows exactly where they are, so help can be sent to that location.


Why Choose a Personal Fall Alarm?

The main reasons for choosing a SureSafe personal fall alarm is for the added sense of security it offers. You never know if the user will be able to press a button as they may be unconscious, experiencing a seizure or be otherwise unable to do anything. The fall alarm means that they don’t have to, so we can respond to more events as they happen to be able to improve chances of a full recovery after the incident.

Personal Fall Alarm Features

Features of the personal fall alarm systems include:

  • Being able to be used anywhere thanks to mobile connection technology
  • Giving more independence to the wearer
  • 24/7 response
  • GPS tracking so the wearer can be easily located
  • Automatic fall detection so events such as heart attacks, strokes, seizures and falls that render the user unconscious can all be dealt with