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Add A Fall Alert

Advanced pendant that senses a fall and activates the alarm without the wearer needing to push the button when they are unable to e.g. having lost consciousness.

This is for the device only to add to your monitoring package.


SureSafe’s ‘Fall Alert’ is the latest advancement in personal alarm technology, building on the traditional pendant alarm and providing increased protection.

Following a fall, or when suddenly feeling unwell, it is not uncommon for the pendant wearer to be unable to activate it due to either being unconsciousness or because of a loss of mobility (e.g. following a stroke).

Using ‘Smart Technology’ the SureSafe ‘Fall Alert’ alert alarm pendant will automatically activate the alarm when it detects that the wearer has had a fall.

The ‘Fall Alert’, measuring air pressure and speed of movement, will detect a fall and send a signal to the base unit to raise the alarm.

To prevent false alarms, the ‘Fall Alert’ alert alarm pendant will alert the wearer that it has been activated, and the wearer can cancel the alarm by simply pressing the button on it.

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