2 x SureSafe Alarms – 1 Pendant & 1 Wristwatch

Get all the benefits of a SureSafe Alarm with the option to wear the alarm button around your neck as a pendant or wear the wristwatch alarm button.

Get a SureSafe Alarm complete with 1 necklace pendant alarm and 1 wristwatch alarm button.

What is included?
• SureSafe Personal Alarm Base Station
• Alarm Pendants x 1 (water resistant)
• Wristwatch x 1 (splash proof)
• Telephone Wire & Power Plug
• User Manual
…. plus Peace of Mind.

Note: This product is eligible for VAT exemption for certain qualifying individuals. Please see the Checkout Page (before you make payment) to check your eligibility. Alternatively call 0800 112 3201 for more information.