SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm – 12 Months Package Discounted


The SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect Alarm is a 24/7 monitored, fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly, including a GPS tracker feature. This device provides protection both at home, and away from it.

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The SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm is a 24/7 monitored and fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly, including a GPS tracker feature. This device provides protection both at home, and away from it e.g. at the shops, walking, fishing, etc.

The SureSafeGO is the ultimate elderly alarm, packed with more features than any other alarm available, yet still easy to use, and small and lightweight to carry.

The SureSafeGO does not require a landline, it uses built in mobile phone technology. The device comes with a SureSafe Mobile SIM card installed, a roaming SIM that uses all the major mobile phone networks to get the best signal wherever the device is at that time. The device is ready to use, straight out of the box. There is no set-up required.

SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect is linked to SureSafe’s Response Centre where your emergency call will be answered any time of the day or night. From there, one of our trained response operatives will talk to you through the pendant, locate you using the GPS feature of the device and arrange for the appropriate help. This could be calling the emergency services, or contacting your chosen nominated contacts such as family, friends and neighbours.

Don’t have any local people to nominate as key holders? Don’t worry! While we recommend having local key holder nominated contacts where possible, you do not need any with the SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect service – we will simply call the emergency services for you*.

Features include:

All calls are handled by our 24/7/365 response centre**. A trained operative will arrange for the appropriate help for you.

If the user presses the SOS on the pendant, it will activate a voice call as well as sending its location to up to our response centre. The wearer then can talk into the pendant and have a normal conversation.

Gives protection anywhere you have mobile phone signal, home and ‘out and about’. Plus its SureSafe Mobile roaming SIM means that you will always pick up the best signal wherever you are. It truly is an ‘anywhere’ alarm.

The pendant senses a fall and raises the alarm, even when the user cannot press the button e.g. after losing consciousness following a fall (optional – can be switched off by response centre).

Water Resistant & Dust Tight (IP66 certified) – safe for use in the shower.

Can be worn around the neck, or on a key ring.

Battery life will vary between 4-7 days. We recommend you charge the device every 3 days. The device will also send our response centre low battery alerts via text.

Comes supplied with a SureSafe Mobile Roaming SIM that will pick up the strongest network not just one network – vital for emergency alarms. Your monthly fee includes all data, call and text charges.

Easy to charge device, simply sit in the desktop charging station for 3-4 hours and it will be fully recharged. No wires to fiddle around with, sit it in the dock and it charges up automatically.

Ready to use out of the box. Simply place on charge for 3-4 hours before use and then you are ready to go. No set-up, no programming – at all!

The SureSafeGO is both small and light. Measuring 61x42x16mm, and weighing only 35 grams, you will hardly notice you are wearing it!

How does it work?
When the wearer needs help they simply press the SOS button on the front of the device:

1. An SOS text message alert is sent to our 24/7 Response Centre. The text includes a Google Maps link which shows the location of the wearer at the time of activation.

2. The SureSafeGO then calls the Response Centre. The SureSafeGO’s two-way speech allows the wearer to talk into the pendant and directly communicate with their contact.

3. The response operative will then arrange the appropriate help.

After you place your order a SureSafe representative will call you to take your details, as well as set up the monthly direct debit. There is no minimum contract term for the SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect. You are purchasing the SureSafeGO device outright and your monthly fee pays for the 24/7 monitoring, data, calls and texts.


* Where you do not have any nominated contacts, or a key safe, and the emergency services are called, they may be required to force entry to your property.

** Subject to there being a strong enough mobile phone signal to make the call/send the text at the time

***Please note that as the nature of a fall can vary dramatically the pendant does not detect 100% of falls but significantly increases the wearers protection. Soft falls e.g. a slide down the wall, or from a chair, may be harder to detect than hard falls e.g. a trip while walking. Some hard falls may also not be detected.

Note: Pendant colour may vary and cannot be specifically requested (Blue or Black)