The Bogus Caller Button from SureSafe


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Press the button conveniently placed by the front door when you are concerned someone unwanted turns up at your door e.g. bogus callers and door to door salesman

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Protect yourself from an increasing number of unwanted callers and door-to-door sales people with a SureSafe Bogus Caller Button.

This button is easy to install next to your front door and allows you to activate your SureSafe 24/7 Connect alarm easily and discreetly if someone unwanted comes to your door.

Once activated, our agents will be able to listen in to what is happening with your unwanted visitor, instruct the unwanted visitor to leave via the speaker in the alarm base unit, contact your nominated contacts to ask them to come round, or even call the police if necessary.

The SureSafe Bogus Caller Button truly means that ‘You’re Never Alone With SureSafe’.