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Walsall Council has confirmed that their community alarm service will cease to operate on Monday 11th February. At that time, all Walsall Council Community Alarm user’s alarms will no longer be linked to a 24/7 response centre. When an alarm is activated after Monday 11th February, it will go unanswered.

Walsall Council has confirmed that user’s are responsible for finding an alternative community alarm provider in the private market. They have also confirmed that the Walsall Council provided alarm equipment can be transferred to your new alarm provider, if possible.

SureSafe Alarms is a leading UK provider of personal alarms and community alarms. SureSafe’s goal is to make independent living available for everyone. SureSafe aim to help people keep living in their own homes, safer and for longer!

SureSafe recognises that thousands of Walsall residents will be without their life saving alarm service unless they act fast. SureSafe has created a special offer, exclusively available for Walsall residents, to allow them to transfer service to SureSafe in just 3 easy steps. The process will allow Walsall Council Community Alarm users to keep their existing equipment, and will not require an engineer to attend your home. SureSafe will carry out all the necessary steps to transfer your 24/7 monitoring to us over the phone.

The Offer:

SureSafe’s exclusive offer for Walsall Community Alarm users:

  • Transfer your monitoring service to SureSafe for only 39p per day (paid by direct debit).
  • Alternatively, pay £139.95 in advance for 12 months service by debit or credit card.
  • First month free when you complete the process online/by email (excluding reprogramming process)
  • Sign up and transfer now, but don’t pay until Council service ends February 11th, 2019.
  • Keep your existing equipment, we will reprogram it remotely over the phone for you. There is no need to change equipment, or have an engineer visit. Transfer at your convenience.
  • ZERO set-up fee charged. Save £50 on average when compared to other alarm providers.
  • No minimum contract period, cancel whenever you want.
  • We will maintain your equipment for you. By this we mean that we will be responsible for any faults, repairs, replacements, new standard pendants when the batteries are low. This means that you have a lifetime warranty for the equipment, for as long as you retain service with us. This means a worry free service, similar to that provided by the Council.
  • Ownership of the equipment transfers to us (we need this to be able to service/maintain it)
  • The equipment needs to be returned to us should you choose to cancel your service in future.


Transfer Process – 3 Easy Steps

The transfer to SureSafe could not be any easier. All you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1:Complete a one-page User Form providing important information e.g. name, address, medical conditions, nominated contacts, etc.
We need a minimum of 2 local nominated contacts, or 1 local nominated contact and there being a key safe located at the user’s home (we can supply key safes if you need one).
Step 2:We will call you and reprogram your existing equipment over the phone. We will then ask you to test the alarm so you are confident your alarm is working correctly and linked to SureSafe.


Step 3:Continue to live independently in your own home, safer and for longer!



Important Notes:

There are a few important points we want to draw your attention to as you make your decision to transfer your service to SureSafe:

  • Don’t wait, transfer now! Each transfer takes time. There are 7,000 Walsall residents in the process of finding new alarm providers. Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange your transfer to SureSafe, we are transferring people on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We cannot guarantee that you will have continuous service after Walsall Council discontinues service on February 11th 2019 if you do not contact us quickly.
  • To help here, you will not pay anything if you transfer earlier than when the Walsall service ends on 11th February 2019. All payments will commence February 11th onwards.
  • We will give you one month free service when you complete your order, new user form and direct debit (where applicable) either online or by email. You will not be eligible for a free month’s service if you provide any information by phone.
  • We will maintain in good working order any Tunstall Vi alarm base units and Tunstall myAmie pendants/wrist buttons under this agreement. This maintenance will be at no cost to you, for as long as you retain our services. There will be additional charges for any maintenance, and battery replacements, for additional equipment e.g. fall detectors, smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, flood detectors, etc.

All equipment must be returned to SureSafe should you cancel service.