Wireless Emergency Wall Buttons from SureSafe


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Place additional emergency buttons in strategic high risk places around the home e.g. the foot of the stairs and in the bathroom for additional safety and peace of mind.

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SureSafe Wireless Emergency Wall Buttons give you additional safety and security, and peace of mind, in those higher risk areas of the home.

These easy to install wall buttons can be positioned strategically around the home, in high risk locations such the bathroom or foot of the stairs, where falls are more likely to occur.

While everyone has the best intentions to wear their pendant at all times, occasionally people may find themselves without their pendant on and need to call for help. A good example is people often forget to wear their pendant when visiting the bathroom during the night. Accidents frequently occur in the bathroom, especially later at night when people are half-asleep, so a strategically placed wireless emergency wall button at ground level can provide that additional level of protection.

To activate, the user simply presses the button in the same way as their pendant and the SureSafe 24/7 Connect monitoring station will be contacted immediately and help can be on the way.

*up to 12 alarm buttons can be linked to your SureSafe 24/7 Connect alarm at any one time.