Come across a trip hazard in the home and you might stumble and fall, sustaining severe injuries. The injuries resulting from fall take time to heal, depending upon the degree and severity of the fall, and the age of the person falling. As a person grows older, their body’s ability to heal wounds and injuries gradually slows down, and slowly a minor injury develops into long-term and serious issue. A fall injury might not immediately show the effects but could resulting in long-term complications, making the person bedridden for life. This is the reason why family members must take good care of their aging parents, grandparents, and relatives, making sure the fall risk in and outside the home is minimal.  

So whether you are a caregiver to the aging individuals/couples, or have parents/ grandparents to take care of, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that they are safe and secure everywhere:

Before we discuss helpful tips, it is vital that you know all the risk factors that contribute to fall in the elderly:


These factors include wearing the wrong footwear, slipping on loose rugs, carpets, accidents while going up and down the stairs, pavements, etc. The absence of an adequate installed handrail, uneven footpath, inadequate lightning can lead to falling.


This covers a rather broad area, which can include the medication the person is taking which could lead to dizziness and tripping. The person might have vision difficulties accompanied with age, development of chronic diseases, weakness, sensory and balance problems.


Sudden triggers can also lead to falls in the elderly, such as fainting due to low blood pressure, epilepsy seizures or stroke.



It is vital that your aging parents and grandparents have a full check up on a routine basis so that any medical conditions can be quickly diagnosed and treatment can be promptly started. A regular visit to a GP, ophthalmologist and ENT specialist is necessary to ensure that their body is functioning adequately and their vision and hearing are not getting impaired.


As we grow older, our body starts to become stiff, resulting in weak balance and coordination. This leads to lower body weakness, which is why it is essential to incorporate an adequate exercise in your daily routine. No matter the age, exercise helps to keep the body fit and flexible.


As mentioned before, one side effect of medication can be unsteadiness or drowsiness, leading to a person’s trip and fall. It is of utmost importance that medicines are regularly checked and discontinued if interfering with the body’s regular function, or if they are no longer needed. Only continue medications which the doctor prescribes you to.


Just like you babyproof your home when you have a new baby in the house, similarly, you must fall-proof your home when you are living with aging relatives. Remove all the tripping hazards, make sure all the bathroom, kitchen, and stairs have non slip treads. It is also essential to maintain adequate lighting for proper vision in the home.

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