Safety Gifts for the Elderly

With Christmas just around the corner, everybody is on the hunt for that perfect gift.

While you might be overrun with gift ideas for your partner,  children, or friends, it can be difficult to find a great gift for your elderly loved ones.  Why not give the gift of independence this Christmas?  With SureSafe Personal Alarms, you can give the most thoughtful gift of all.  Our guide to gifts for the elderly includes gifts to improve the quality of life of your loved ones, and inspire confidence in independent living.

Gifts for Independent Living

Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly are one of the most useful technologies in helping to ensure the safety of elderly people living alone. They offer a way to gain assistance quickly should they injure themselves, fall ill or feel at risk in any way. Personal alarms contain a panic button which allows the wearer to contact a designated contact or a 24/7 monitoring center in an emergency situation. This ability to contact help quickly can help to give your elderly loved ones increased confidence and peace of mind. Devices come in a wide range of styles from neck pendants and alarm bracelets to landline connected devices for use in the home to mobile ‘Go Anywhere’ devices for use both inside and outside of the home.

SureSafe is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of telecare and assistive technology devices. As one of the leading providers, we aim to offer your elderly loved ones the opportunity to lead an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle, with our comprehensive range of personal alarms for the elderly.

Bed Rails and Handles

Installing a bed rail or assistive handles may seem like a simple idea but it can make a world of difference to your loved ones. A bed assist bar offers support to elderly people attempting to reposition when in bed, and provides stability when getting into and out of bed. This reduces the need for frequent assistance at home, especially during the night.

Handrails for the elderly can also be added to other areas of the home such as the front door, the hallway and even in the shower. Handrails simply provide an extra level of protection against falling to your loved ones. They are able to stabilise themselves in high risk areas, i.e. when entering the home; thus allowing for greater confidence when moving around the home. 

Assistive Devices and Gadgets

The safety of our elderly loved ones is paramount. Assistive technology and devices can help to not only ensure their safety, but also make life as an elderly person living alone, more manageable. 

Unexpected visitors can be a source of stress for elderly people and something which can cause them to become vulnerable. With a video doorbell they are able to see who is it at the door before answering it, some video doorbells even allow the user to speak to the visitor. If unexpected, the elderly person is able to question their intentions, check identification if necessary or deny access should they feel at risk in any way.

Another common source of stress for old people is maintaining the house. They may decide to move from their family home as they no longer feel up to the challenge. This does not however, need to be a reason. There are many products now on the market which can help to ease the demands of housework. A robotic hoover could be the ideal Christmas gift for your elderly loved ones. Robotic hoovers require minimal human input, moving around rooms of their own accord in order to clean it. They use sensors in order to detect walls and obstacles, helping to ensure that the whole floor is covered.

Mobile Phone

In the same way that a personal alarm can allow the wearer to call for assistance quickly, a Mobile phone allows the user to stay connected at all times. This may be through calls, texts or even GPS tracking style applications. You may be thinking that modern mobile phones can be difficult to use and are not suitable for many elderly people. There are however a large range of very simple mobile phones available on the market, some even designed specifically for the older user. 

Functional Footwear

With increasing age, you are more vulnerable to an injury resulting from a fall within the home. If you are struggling for gift ideas for the elderly, non-skid slippers or non-slip shoes may be the perfect choice. Slippers can help to reduce the risk of falling when inside the home, whilst rubber non-slip shoes help to reduce the risk of falling when out and about. 

For an added layer of safety, pair functional footwear with a fall detection personal alarm. Fall detection personal alarms use inbuilt technology in order to detect falling motions. If a fall is detected, a designated contact or monitoring centre will be immediately alerted. They will then be able to send assistance to the location of the wearer, ensuring they receive help as soon as possible. It is our mission as a leading provider of safety devices for the elderly to make sure that elderly people feel safe and confident living alone. Our safety gift guide gives you a range of gift ideas for the elderly that align with this vision. Help your loved ones to gain confidence and remain within their own home for longer.

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