Tools to Improve Safety Working Alone

There are various job roles that require employees to work alone; this can sometimes result in workers finding themselves in risky situations. Some jobs are higher risk than others, but as with any level of risk, as an employer you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of your lone working employees. Employers have a duty of care to employees, which includes improving safety procedures, attempting to eliminate as much risk as possible from the requirements of a role.

The good news is that there are various tools you can utilise in order to do this. Due to these tools, it is something that employers can do with far greater ease than was previously possible. Depending on the type of work, the level and the type of risk, WorkSafe can offer lone worker alarm solutions, making it easier for you to provide valuable protection and peace of mind to the employees of your business.

Tailored Lone Worker Solutions

Low / Medium Risk

Certain job roles can pose significant risks to employees. One of the main risks posed to workers is accident or injury due to working alone. For example, job roles in areas such as office work, social work and estate agents may frequently find themselves working entirely alone or alone with members of the public. In many of these industries, it is common for meetings to take place within strangers homes. The WorkSafe app aims to provide safeguarding for employees often required to work in isolated or risky conditions. The app means that lone workers can be monitored, their location tracked and gives them the ability to raise an alarm should they feel under threat or require assistance. In addition to this, the app includes a time feature which will alert a designated contact if a worker has not checked in within a predetermined time frame.

Medium / High Risk

Some job roles present a greater risk than others. In light of this we offer a range of lone worker safety solutions to suit various levels of risk. If an employee spends prolonged periods of time alone or working with members of the public, there risk will be higher than those only working alone on occasion. For example those working alone in retail, in shops such as off licenses or betting shops, would be at a higher risk than an office worker required to visit a person’s home for a brief meeting. In order to combat this, WorkSafe offers a wearable SOS button which allows the wearer to discreetly call for help should they feel threatened or in danger. This can be used alongside the app meaning that employees are able to call for assistance if necessary, be tracked and monitored and set time dependent risk alerts. All of these features, allow lone workers to feel safe and secure whilst working, allowing you to fulfil your responsibilities as an employer and help keep the greatest assets to your company safe; people.

Fall / Injury Risk

Of course, risk to employees cannot purely be attributed to working with the public. Working at height, with hazardous materials or with mechanical equipment can increase the likelihood of accident or injury occurring whilst at work. When employees carry out these tasks while working alone, even briefly, this risk becomes much greater. At WorkSafe we offer lone worker safety solutions that help to reduce these risks. To prevent worsened injuries from falls, the lone worker personal alarm with automatic fall detection is the perfect choice. Not only can the wearer manually call for help if necessary, using the SOS button, but they are able to access help even if they are unconscious or unable to move. The device monitors and identifies when a fall has occurred, sending an alert to a designated contact that assistance is required.

Options to Improve Safety When Working Alone

There are various options you can consider when it comes to improving safety working alone. You need to assess the type of job and the type of risk that your lone workers may face, in order to determine which solution is best suited to your needs.

For example, if you run an estate or lettings agency, you may have employees who go out and meet potential tenants or buyers at empty properties. If you own or manage a healthcare facility, you may have staff members that go out to perform procedures at patients’ homes. For workers such as this, you can look at options such as the lone worker app and lone worker devices such as wearable buttons. Lone workers in these types of roles are much more prone to accident or injury due to the actions of another person, rather than a fall for example. By using the app and the wearable button, employers have the ability to track employees at all times. The employees themselves are able to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that assistance is simply a button push away, should an emergency situation present itself.

On the other hand, you may have lone workers much more prone to accident or injury due to working at height or with hazardous equipment i.e. chemicals or heavy machinery. Due to the nature of many of these tasks, workers may be rendered unable to call for help if an accident were to occur. Lone worker personal alarms with fall detection capabilities help to bridge this gap. You and your employees can be confident that help will be received, even if the injured party is unconscious.

Regardless of the situation, WorkSafe has a complete range of solutions that help to keep your employees safe as they carry out the duties of their job. This enables you to demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of your employees, helping to reduce the risks faced by them on a daily basis and provide them with a safety net should the worst occur.

Further Advice

For further advice on improving the safety of lone workers, the experts at SureSafe Alarms are on hand to help you discover the ideal solution for your business. Our WorkSafe range is geared towards helping employers provide their lone workers with safety, protection, and peace of mind. We have a range of solutions, designed to cater to various needs. Our extensive range means that finding the right solution for your employees should be simple. To get started, simply get in touch with our team of personal alarm specialists, who we will be more than happy to go through the variety of lone working solutions offered