In this whirlwind that has become our lives, and not that we don’t want to, the taking care of our elderly loved ones is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time for. With a job, kids and a house to look after, it can be very difficult to find the time to look after ageing parents or relatives.

But instead of being worried with the thought of something happening to them while you are otherwise engaged, why not resolve the issue once and for all, and buy medical alarm device or tracking devices for the people you love and care for?

Are you wondering which medical alarm device to trust your parents/grandparents safety with?

SureSafe has an answer for all your safety concerns. Our wide range of wearable devices such as tracking devices for people, lifeline alarms, telecare equipment, careline alarms would be an ideal choice for all your family members who either live alone or are medically compromised and are under the supervision of a caretaker.   

But you should not buy any medical alarm device blindly; instead you should do full research. Only once you are sure that these tracking devices are perfect for your loved ones, only then should you make your purchase.

In today’s post, talking about making the right choice, we are going to list some mistakes that concerned relatives of the aging family members make when looking for a medical alarm device. Hopefully this allows you to to make a well-informed decision:


The world might have gone digital, and most people might be comfortable with a video tutorial, but you have to consider who you are purchasing the alarm for. Would be a senior citizen struggle with technology you are choosing and its application. You should not buy a device that is too complex to install, and must not be too complex to use either. SureSafe medical alarm devices be it the personal alarm for the elderly or no landline alarms, are all easy to install and to use. They will offer safety and security, as and when needed.


Imagine going out on a walk with your parents or grandparents, making sure they have their mobile phones just in case, but the losing touch with them because of limited coverage of the phone? Scary, right? Always purchase mobile alarm devices that have strong battery life and a strong mobile phone signal like SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm. It has has a seven-day battery standby, with automatic low battery text feature that alerts the response center. It also has a UK roaming SIM card that picks up the strongest network available in the region.


Don’t cut some corners to save a few pence here and there. Never purchase a medical alarm device that lacks a necessary feature or function. A medical alarm device should have inbuilt automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, 24/7 monitoring, extensive coverage, water, and dust resistance. SureSafe medical alarm devices have all these and more features that will provide unrestricted and immediate help to your loved ones and family members, whenever they are in distress.

SureSafe is your one-stop solution to stay carefree about your family and loved one’s well-being. To know more about SureSafe medical alarm devices, get in touch with our representatives on 0800 112 3201 or drop an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.