No matter how much we try to run away from conversations about it, as we are growing older, so are our parents. Their age and experience undoubtedly make them wiser, but with the growing age comes gradual changes in physical and mental health, that need proper care and adequate treatment. Our responsibility as their kids and relatives is to identify these changes so that prompt action can be taken to ensure a healthy and enjoyable life for them..

Technology has been our friend, ensuring our daily life gets more straightforward with the latest developments in our homes, as well as life, in general. One such thoughtful technological advancement for providing a safe and secure life to the elderly is a medical alert system. One such manufacturer with the aim to make the golden years, as independent and safe as possible is SureSafe. At SureSafe you will find a range of emergency alarm systems, panic buttons and fall alert pendants. These devices are made with the cutting edge technology, specifically simplified for senior citizens so that they can use them with just the touch of a button..

If you are a caregiver, or the child of, an elderly loved one; then you should keep an eye on the following signs indicating they need a medical alert system:


It is natural to worry about your aging parent’s safety while they are on their own and you don’t live nearby. You might get scary thoughts like, What if they fell down the stairs? What if they had a stroke? You can put an end to all these worries by simply getting a medical alert system for them. A SureSafe pendant and wristband would be perfect to make sure that your loved ones are always a button press away from medical help, if and when needed.


Do they have trouble standing or walking? Do you observe them shaking a little while walking? If you notice them being unsteady on their feet, there is a very strong possibility that their mobility and stability has been negatively affected. It is crucial that every tripping hazard in the home is removed and the necessary measures are taken to ensure their safety. A medical alarm system with automatic fall alert will be helpful in such a situation. SureSafe fall alarm pendant is one such device which after being worn, doesn’t require for the wearer to press the button in case of emergency. The pendant automatically detects the change in air pressure and airspeed and raises an alert to the nominated contacts or a SureSafe representative who immediately send out a medical help..  


Your loved one’s lifestyle is a clear indicator of how they are living their life. Do you notice a hygienic household or everything is a clutter? Do your parents forget things? Is doing household tasks too much for them? Forgetfulness is common in senior years, which can lead to mishaps.. SureSafe personal alarms can help in such situation by raising an alert to a SureSafe representative 24/7, or the contact family and friends directly.

Do you think your parent or loved one would be too self-conscious to wear a medical alert system? SureSafe’s range of devices is designed to make them less noticeable, they can be worn as a pendant or a wristband. All our devices and equipment from telecare, lifeline phone, alarm bracelet, personal alarms are made with the intent to maximize the safety and security of our elderly loved ones, so that they no longer have to be dependent upon somebody for going about their daily routine at home, and have the freedom to be independant and enjoy a nice stroll in the park.

SureSafe devices will ensure they can enjoy a safe and independent life.