Signs you or your Elderly Loved Ones Need a Personal Alarm

No matter how much we try to run away from it, as we grow older, so do our parents and elderly relatives.
We must therefore accept that with age comes gradual changes in physical and mental health. Many of these changes require expert care and adequate treatment to manage. The responsibility of a carer is to identify these changes so that prompt action can be taken to ensure a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

Technology has played a large role in helping to do this. Recent advancements in technology have allowed often complex tasks to be made straightforward, whilst also ensuring safety and increased confidence. One such technological advancement for providing a safe and secure life to the elderly is a personal alarm system.At SureSafe you will find a range of emergency alarm systems, panic buttons and fall alert pendants.

These devices are made using cutting edge technology, allowing wearers to request assistance at the push of a button. On pushing the button, a designated contact or 24/7 monitoring centre will be notified, allowing help to be given if necessary. We also offer fall alert systems which allow a fall to be detected. On detection, an alert will be sent out, helping to ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones.

When caring for your elderly loved ones, it can be difficult to gauge the safety of independent living. A personal alarm system works to increase a person’s ability to lead a happy and independent lifestyle within their own home. Below are some examples of signs it might be time to implement a personal alarm system into their home.


It is natural to worry about the safety of your aging loved ones, especially if they live alone or you do not live nearby. It can be scary to think what might happen should an accident or emergency occur. How long would it be until they were discovered? How long would it be until help arrived? The implementation of a personal alarm system can help to put an end to these worries. A SureSafe pendant or wristband alarm is the perfect way to make sure that your loved ones are being looked after. With this they are always only a button press away from medical help, if and when required.


Aging comes with its own set of issues; many of which are health related. As the body ages, bones become more brittle, joints less flexible and a variety of medical conditions may begin to present themselves. Due to this, or perhaps due to side effects of certain medications, you elderly loved ones may begin to have issues with mobility; trouble standing or walking.

If you notice your elderly loved ones are unsteady on their feet, there is a very strong possibility that their mobility and stability has been negatively affected. This can lead to a fall or accident occurring. It is therefore crucial that tripping hazards in the home are removed and necessary measures are taken to ensure their safety.

A medical alarm system with automatic fall detection included is the ideal solution in this situation. SureSafe fall alarm pendant is one of the few devices that do not require the wearer to press the button in the event of an emergency. The pendant automatically detects changes in air pressure and airspeed when a fall occurs. It will then send out an alert to a nominated contact or to a SureSafe representative who will immediately arrange for the appropriate help for the user.

For those who maintain an active lifestyle and leave the house often, we also offer mobile personal alarms with fall detection. Rather than utilising the landline to connect the user to assistance, this style of alarm uses mobile and GPS technology. This allows the wearer to request assistance no matter where they may be.


Maintaining a house can be hard work, putting excess strain on the body and mind. As the body becomes weaker, household chores can become more and more difficult to complete. If you notice a change in the cleanliness or tidyness of your aging loved ones home, this may be a sign that they are struggling. This is a clear indicator that they are not able to sustain the pace of their lifestyle and thus, could be more prone to accident or injury if living independently.

An elderly alarm can help to ensure that if the worst should occur, help is never more than a button push away. Whilst many people feel that they do not want to wear a personal alarm button, perhaps due to self-consciousness, the SureSafe range of alarms are specifically designed in order to be discreet.

All of our devices and equipment from telecare, lifeline phone, alarm bracelet, personal alarms are made with the intent to maximize the safety and security of our elderly loved ones. This is done with the aim of reducing dependency, allowing them to live a safe and secure, independent lifestyle with confidence.

To discuss whether a personal alarm is suitable for your elderly loved ones, do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team.